Duckweed Protein, ponds of protein?


Aug 27, 2019
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Nantes, France
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Hello ^^

I am doing research to help develop my master's dissertation in food design. If you're vegan or love a plant-based diet feel free to fill out the quick survey. You guys are awesome ^^

Questionnaire of Awesomeness

Duckweed has a high protein content, which makes it valuable as human food. Consumption of sufficient protein is vital for good health. If duckweed grows under optimal conditions, it can contain up to 40% of protein. This protein is relatively easily absorbed in the body. In addition, growing duckweed is environmentally friendly because it grows fast and does not require intensive agriculture or animal breeding.

If anyone has prior knowledge in regards to vegan recipes let me know ^^
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I like that you're doing your dissertation on duckweed. One of my peers in my Masters program is doing hers on kelp for nutrition, et al.