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Nov 28, 2015
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Hey.. I posted on the purelyvegan guest forum but noticed it's not too active. You guys seem really active here though so I'll repost...

'Hey, I've just transitioned from full on meat-eater (meat & eggs every day, not so much dairy though) to vegan about 3/4 weeks ago. I expected hell the first couple of weeks, but apart from stinky farts I was actually fine! I think this was because becoming V was my only focus. I used the cronometer website to keep track of vitamins, minerals, proteins etc, and just put so much effort into planning my meals. I watched V docs every other night too to remind myself why I was doing it.

Anyway now that normal life is returning and am focused on other things, I've been getting lazy with meal planning, not using the cronometer website etc.. Am still V, but craving red meat so badly.. I actually had a dream last night about a fridge full of meat, ugh!

I'd love to hear from other people who've gone through this.. Especially the heavy meat-eater to vegan transition.

Also, does anyone have any advice for quickly and easily packing in a lot of proteins, iron and calcium? Calcium was consistently a little on the low side when I was using cronometer. And I'm guessing it's iron I'm after with the red meat cravings.

Any input is welcome and appreciated. Cheers! x'

Great to hear you've transitioned away from the dark side :p I have to say though I've never really craved meat so I wont really be much help I'm afraid :(

I've been told by other vegan friends that olives have the same kind of chewiness as meat? You could always chomp down on a glass of those? Olives contain iron and calcium, you could also supplement?

For protein... Nuts? It's really hard to not eat my weight in cashew nuts, I love them!
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Haha, thank you...

Olives are a great idea! I didn't realise they have iron in them either. I might try stocking up on olives and nuts so they're there for the weeks I'm busy and preoccupied.

I've never followed any particular diet, but for a few years there I was practically paleo (apart from the cake and the crisps).. Virtually no bread, rice, pasta, no oats either, and hardly any potatoes. Starchy food just seems to knock me out, I get real foggy and lethargic. These last 2 weeks I've realised I'm relying on bread more & more.. Albeit very tasty organic bread with lashings of nut butters, or avocado or something.. Still bread though. So that could have a lot to do with how I'm feeling. And thinking about it now, I really did eat way more meat & egg than the average person, so I'm a likely to have nasty cravings.. On the plus side, me going vegan is like 3 people going vegan :)

I suppose vegans are quite high carb by default.. But if there are any around that follow a higher than average protein, lower than average carb diet, I'd really like to hear about that.

Thanks for the input, Damo.