1. Vegan Bodybuilding

    Vegan Bodybuilding

    vegan-sources-of-protein-chart_1200x800.jpg Vegan, living time and not passing time, nourishing your body verses just feeding a hunger, and bodybuilding is what this thread is about. To start off...
  2. G

    Duckweed Protein, ponds of protein?

    Hello ^^ I am doing research to help develop my master's dissertation in food design. If you're vegan or love a plant-based diet feel free to fill out the quick survey. You guys are awesome ^^ Questionnaire of Awesomeness Duckweed has a high protein content, which makes it valuable as human...
  3. L

    Vegan protein with polycystic kidney disease

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone had any advice about protein on a vegan diet. I have polycystic kidney disease (PKD) and my doctor has told me to eat a max of 0.7 / 0.8g per kg to protect my kidneys. I'm 55kg so that means between roughly 38g and 44g of protein a day. I've tried using...
  4. I

    Iampurebred new vegan protein

    Four years ago my partner, who was sponsored by another supplement company, was tired of the bubble guts and the bloated feeling. Working with nutritionist we created Purebred Vegan friendly protein. We both dived right in and became vegan. That year, while using Purebred, my partner broke the...
  5. D

    Variations of seitan...

    Hi all, I've been experimenting with Seitan recently but I'm struggling to match the type of Seitan I've eaten out in restaurants and food stalls. The logs I've made have all been very tough and lacking in much flavour (unless frying in sauces post cooking). I'm looking for a spongier log...
  6. Jaydoesitgood

    Im fat, vegan, and i hate beans!

    Ive been vegan for the past maybe 6 months and I was HOPING that I would have lost weight by now. I didnt go vegan for health reasons (though the is definitely a perk) but, you know, I know veganism cuts out a lot of unhealthy animal fats and cholesterol and forces you to eat more veggies so I...
  7. S

    I'm so confused!! please help

    Hey, I'm a fairly new vegan, veggie for 8+years, spent a couple months transitioning, and been vegan for over a month. I am so confused about amino acids and protein. Do I have to combine foods to get my amino acids? Is there something that covers all bases? I feel like everything I read...
  8. Daisy

    Product Help us choose a new, amazing vegan product name!

    Hello, I am from Nature Foods. Our team is working on a new healthy drink (a plant-based milk alternative made from peas) and would love to hear your thoughts on how our new product should be named. This milk alternative drink is packed with all the essential vitamins and minerals that are...
  9. P

    Product Awesome book with delicious recipes

    Hi guys, I have found awesome book for vegan recipes. So far I have tried couple of them and they all tasted reaaaly good :) its only for 0.99$ , in my opinion its really worth trying :) Hope it helped :) Its available on Amazon/ Kindle and its called : Vegan Cookbook : 25 Easy High Protein...
  10. B

    Product Supplements, protein and similar :)

    Hello Everyone :D Heres a website that can provide you with all you need from super foods to vitamin b12 supplements and everything inbetween, perfect for those wanting to get fit, bodybuild or to keep super healthy in general. Have a look through the online shop and see if you find anything...
  11. NutriBite

    Product Why you need protein and carbs post-workout

    Most people are aware of the benefits of consuming protein post-workout. What is less well known is the key role that carbohydrates play in post-workout recovery. In order for muscle repair, recovery and adaptation to take place post-workout, the consumption of protein is key. However, the...
  12. A

    Protein needs

    I decided to cold turkey start a vegan diet because of the health benefits. I am on day 3 and frustrated about protein- of course the biggest concern everyone brings up so obviously my biggest concern switching over and being such a newbie. First of all I am a 119 lb 26 year old woman and I'm...
  13. Queen V

    Media Where to get protein!

    Hey guys! Here's my most recent video - all about getting vegan protein. Please have a watch and share / subscribe / comment if you enjoyed it xxx
  14. N

    Product Healthy, nutritious and 100% vegan: superfoods

    Nature’s Balance® is a brand that was created to bring the most valuable and healthy Superfoods that have helped many Ancient Civilizations all around the world from the Aztecs in Mexico to the Incas in Peru. We have handpicked the best superfoods with the most nutritious components that will...
  15. K

    Product Free vegan protein cookbook!

    Hello, all! We are Kuku Ruku Publishing and we have our first book releasing at the end of July on Kindle. It is titled, "10 Quick & Easy Vegan Protein Recipes For Building Muscle That Contain More Protein Than Meat." In anticipation of the release we want to give away 15 free copies of the...
  16. S

    Survey Plant based protein vs. animal based protein research study

    Hi everyone, I am currently working on a research study and need participants to take my survey. I thought this would be a good medium to find vegan athletes. Thanks again, Steebs
  17. Rita Beathard

    Vegan raising special needs child

    I have been a Vegan for almost 3 years now. I love my lifestyle and want to share it with everyone especially my family. My father has been a vegetarian for over a year because it's better for his obesity and diabetes (I'm so happy he is a vegetarian now he has been hunting and trapping from a...
  18. C

    Recently decided to try a vegan diet

    As a longtime omnivore, transitioning into a vegan diet is a bit tough. I exercise daily, so I needed to find something that will replace my protein shakes with vegan-friendly choices. In addition to browsing some of the threads here, I decided to start my own website where I discuss different...
  19. Matt

    Product Hello from The Ethical Panda

    Hi Guys, We're a new vegan business specialising in protein and supplements, all vegan of course. Check us out your feedback would be much appreciated and if you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email
  20. Krish Jay

    High-protein vegan meals

    What are your favourite high protein meals? I love combining quinoa, buckwheat or rice with things like: lentils chickpeas black beans yellow split peas I mostly prepare them from packed dry rather than tinned unless I am feeling super lazy... To do this I soak them overnight in water and a...