1. Rita Beathard

    Vegan raising special needs child

    I have been a Vegan for almost 3 years now. I love my lifestyle and want to share it with everyone especially my family. My father has been a vegetarian for over a year because it's better for his obesity and diabetes (I'm so happy he is a vegetarian now he has been hunting and trapping from a...
  2. AeryFairy

    High-Protein Meals

    Not in a "where do vegans get their protein" way, because I have no trouble getting a normal amount of protein into my diet. More in a bodybuilding way - I'm nearly doubling the amount of protein in my diet (and reducing carbs), but I'm having a hard time planning for the 140g a day I'm looking...
  3. M

    Question Where do you even get your protein if you're vegan ?

    Where do y'all even get your protein
  4. C

    Recently decided to try a vegan diet

    As a longtime omnivore, transitioning into a vegan diet is a bit tough. I exercise daily, so I needed to find something that will replace my protein shakes with vegan-friendly choices. In addition to browsing some of the threads here, I decided to start my own website where I discuss different...
  5. Matt

    Product Hello from The Ethical Panda

    Hi Guys, We're a new vegan business specialising in protein and supplements, all vegan of course. Check us out your feedback would be much appreciated and if you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email
  6. Krish Jay

    High-protein vegan meals

    What are your favourite high protein meals? I love combining quinoa, buckwheat or rice with things like: lentils chickpeas black beans yellow split peas I mostly prepare them from packed dry rather than tinned unless I am feeling super lazy... To do this I soak them overnight in water and a...
  7. HealthRoom

    Media How to Get All the (Supposed) Benefits of Eating Meat On a Vegan Diet

    Hi guys, Hope it's okay to share this here. I'm a vegan blogger and I recently put together an in-depth guide to getting all the potentially beneficial compounds found in meat (from a health perspective) on a vegan diet. If you've ever had any nagging doubts that you'll be missing out on some...
  8. Jamfingers

    Another cravings thread!

    Hey.. I posted on the purelyvegan guest forum but noticed it's not too active. You guys seem really active here though so I'll repost... 'Hey, I've just transitioned from full on meat-eater (meat & eggs every day, not so much dairy though) to vegan about 3/4 weeks ago. I expected hell the first...
  9. Advocate Of Growth

    What are the best sources of protein as a vegan?

    Hi! I talk about my experience with protein so far in my newest video: I like to make porridge with 2 bananas for breakfast. It works well also as a post workout meal! Any other idea? I'm trying to build muscle...
  10. AeryFairy

    Nutrition & Diet "But where do you get your protein?"

    Possibly the question veg*ns get asked most, alongside "but how could you give up BACON?!", is how we get our protein. I'm sure most of us, after a few years of hearing it constantly, have just started rolling our eyes or doling out sarcastic responses. I know I have :P But I thought we could...
  11. Indian Summer

    Nutrition & Diet Sufficient protein intake prevents sarcopenia, osteoporosis

    More: - Sufficient protein intake prevents sarcopenia, osteoporosis
  12. O

    Plant Protein Requirements For An Adult

    Good morning - just joined this forum, yesterday. I decided to follow a mostly vegetarian diet about two years ago - I still eat fish, or chicken, occasionally, only because I worry about protein. I have never been able to figure out what an average serving of anything is. I am aware of...