1. boydwgrossii

    US Need advice-Central Diabetes Insipidus.

    I was born with central diabetes insipidus. Because of this, I do not retain water or electrolytes like most people. I lose them really fast. September 2019, I started strongman training and my chronic fatigue got worse. Towards the end of the program I was doing, I switch to plant-based...
  2. L

    Thoughts on supplements?

    I’m launching my company, holier, in April and wanted to share information with everyone! holier was founded on the premise that living vegan should be fun and easy. We’re here to create simplified products that help you live your best vegan life. Our first product addresses a common problem...
  3. Queen of Strawberries

    How to get enough iron?

    I'm slowly transitioning to vegetarianism (and then veganism) but my mom is worried i'm not getting enough iron. (My parents are the reason for my slow transition - I want to go vegan now but they say I have to wait until i'm 18 *argh!*) anyway I've been tired and sleeping more than normal...
  4. zillionwithyou

    I need vital source for all minerals and vitamins

    As we all are known that protien and calcium can be easily consumed by plant based diet such as legumes, soy beans and pulses... although i still havent get an idea of what are the vital source "enough quantity" of minerals such as Potasium, Megnisum, and Zinc... yes we can get potasium from...
  5. Green.Wave

    19 yr old new vegan. tips for adequate iron/vitamins/calcium/healthy body wieght/etc.

    I purchased a b 12 high quality whole foods supplement. I need to get my d2 levels up so i bought d2 drops and d3 drops. I don't want my iron levels to go down. How to maintain a nutrient dense vegan diet? Any recommended foods? Supplements? Thanks
  6. P

    Iron in a Vegan diet

    One of the many stigmas surrounding a Vegan diet is that Vegans are deficient in Iron. I've recently launched a blog where i've attempted to debunk this myth by breaking down the science behind Iron and proving just how easy it can be to include enough of it in your diet on a daily basis. The...
  7. Jamfingers

    Another cravings thread!

    Hey.. I posted on the purelyvegan guest forum but noticed it's not too active. You guys seem really active here though so I'll repost... 'Hey, I've just transitioned from full on meat-eater (meat & eggs every day, not so much dairy though) to vegan about 3/4 weeks ago. I expected hell the first...