vegan newbie

  1. Loveletter

    US My mom forces me to eat meat-Pls Advise!

    I went vegan a couple of months ago because of ethical and environmental reasons. Everything is going great and I do not see any problems in my everyday life because of it. Well except for one. My mom doesn't force me to eat meat luckily, however she forces me to eat chicken soup, she claims...
  2. Grinning Hippos

    EU Grinning Hippos-Vegan recipes

    Hi guys, I just started a Youtube channel and I would love to hear any requests for recipes, especially from new vegans that are struggling :) Any questions you might have and need support with, I can try and help as well. Thanks! Carla from Grinning Hippos
  3. madmaxx24

    It's amateur hour & I need a little help 😅

    Hey guys, I'm about a month in to this new vegan lifestyle and I cant lie it feels incredible. I wish I started sooner. There's only one issue that I can't crack quite yet & excuse me if this sounds basic to guys but I'm always starving lol It feels like I'm eating like 6 times a day to get full...
  4. LauraMaryW

    1 week in & i need help!

    Hi, so where to start...I decided to go vegan overnight just over a week ago, purely because I looked into it & the animal cruelty aspect was mind boggling to me. I’d say I ate at least 1 portion of meat a day, A LOT of dairy products, plus I loved eggs. Now I literally have no idea what to...
  5. J

    Going vegan & getting sick

    Hello everyone, This is my first time posting on here, since I am new to the vegan lifestyle. I literally just went vegan less than a week ago & 2 days later I got sick. I thought it was my allergies, but my symptoms got worse. I “was” eating a normal, nutritious, vegan diet. Nothing out of the...
  6. A

    6 weeks in - feeling awful - any help?

    Hi All, Just joined here, I've been vegan for 6 weeks and I'm feeling really exhausted. I started off well eating homemade chilli and curry, fruit, lots of spinach, lentils, beans etc. What's gone wrong recently is I've started to eat lots of carbs, I've gained weight (and hit the peanut...
  7. U

    Vegan Newbie: Tips Please!

    Hi! I am a newbie. I am still learning to read the labels and it's sometimes hard because it takes a lot of time when shopping. I find myself picking up items, reading and Googling terminologies on my phone constantly but I am getting there, perseverance! I just want to know from experienced...
  8. T

    Being told I'm underweight because I'm vegan?

    My mother suggested I see a doctor to aid me with progressing with a healthy vegan diet which I said was fine by me. My mother has never approached me before with much concern over it which I was always thankful for. Anyway, this doctor told me that because I'm 5ft 6 and 7 stone 4 I am...
  9. D

    Feeling lost...Am i still a vegan?

    Have you ever felt like falling from the big rock and no one can save you? Yeah,a bit dramatic,but that's what i felt one day ago. But first of all,here's my story. I hadnt been a vegan for a very long time.Just since the 25th of September 2015.Till...and then the problem appears.I "cheated" one...
  10. ethicalunicorn

    Veganuary: My vegan starting point!

    Hello! I'm Iona from Edinburgh :blush: I've been vegetarian and mostly vegan since October, but this month I'm taking part in Veganuary (going vegan for all of January) - and hoping to make it a permanent change! I'm super excited to find some good vegan recipes and to meet some like-minded...
  11. Jamfingers

    Another cravings thread!

    Hey.. I posted on the purelyvegan guest forum but noticed it's not too active. You guys seem really active here though so I'll repost... 'Hey, I've just transitioned from full on meat-eater (meat & eggs every day, not so much dairy though) to vegan about 3/4 weeks ago. I expected hell the first...