1 week in & i need help!


Jul 24, 2018
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Hi, so where to start...I decided to go vegan overnight just over a week ago, purely because I looked into it & the animal cruelty aspect was mind boggling to me. I’d say I ate at least 1 portion of meat a day, A LOT of dairy products, plus I loved eggs. Now I literally have no idea what to cook. I also didn’t really cook that much before, but now because I’m the only one in my household who’s vegan I have to cook all my own meals. I’ve looked at some recipe books and stuff online but its a lot of ingredients I’ve 1, never heard of & 2, can’t find in my local shops. I just want some basic meals, that are easy to make but also nutritious. Any suggestions? Thanks :)
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First off - congrats.

Second, vegan convenience foods will be your friend in the beginning until you start getting comfortable in the kitchen. Things like Amy's frozen entrees, (or any other vegan frozen entrees, I know Amy's isn't the only one who makes these), mock meats (ie: veggie burgers), etc will help you as you transition. I'll emphasize that you should wean yourself off of these, however, as they're still processed foods and really should only be fall-backs later on. They're expensive, too, in the long run. It's much cheaper to make your own food.

Make a list of vegan foods that you know you already eat:

- Salad (just use dairy-free dressings)
- Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
- Oatmeal
- Fruits
- Veggies
- Rice
- Beans
- Potatoes
- Hummus
- Roasted chickpeas
... etc.

Make that list as thorough as possible so you know you have options available to you already.

Next start browsing vegan cooking web sites where you don't have to commit to purchasing a book just yet. If their site allows it, use their search function for ingredients you know you like, otherwise just look at recipes that sound good to you and then review the ingredients - if they contain stuff you already know you like then there's a good chance you'll like the dish. Start trying out the recipes. I can guarantee the more you practice, the more comfortable you'll be with cooking your own meals and you'll be more willing to experiment with new things.

Some web sites I would recommend:

Oh She Glows
Pick up Limes
The Minimalist Baker
Fat Free Vegan

There are hundreds of others, as well. So just google "vegan recipe blog" and you'll be presented with tons of options and I'm sure there will be some recipes in the hundreds of thousands out there that you'll like and won't intimidate you.

Good luck - and hope this helped.
Thank you so much, this is really helpful! I think I’ve run before I can walk & ended up overwhelming myself. Great advice, will definitely be taking you up on all your recommendations! :D
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