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  1. LauraMaryW

    1 week in & i need help!

    Hi, so where to start...I decided to go vegan overnight just over a week ago, purely because I looked into it & the animal cruelty aspect was mind boggling to me. I’d say I ate at least 1 portion of meat a day, A LOT of dairy products, plus I loved eggs. Now I literally have no idea what to...
  2. Soul in the Raw

    Media Deeeelicious vegan pizza!

    I just made this absolutely amazing vegan pizza: vegan pizza by Soul in the Raw posted Jun 14, 2017 at 9:03 PM It's gluten free, easy to make, super healthy, oil-free, and tastes incredible! Please give it a try: www.soulintheraw.com/vegan-pizza/
  3. Soul in the Raw

    Service Free 7-day online course with easy & quick vegan meals

    I wanted to share my FREE 7-day online course called "Quick, Easy & Filling Vegan Meals". It will help you out with 7 of the quickest and easiest ever vegan meals. You can enroll here: http://courses.soulintheraw.com/p/quick-easy-filling-vegan-meals/
  4. Mark Mywordz

    Easy cake recipe

    Hi Everyone I'm looking for a vegan cake recipe which is easy and quick (apart from oven time) to make. I don't mind artificial sweeteners, especially stevia, but I don't want to use honey, maple syrup or any other sweetener which adds loads of carbs and cals. I don't want too many ingredients...