1. M

    Product Vegan Restaurants in West Hollywood

    Here's a helpful list if you live in or are traveling to Los Angeles:
  2. MadamSarcastra

    US Veg*an-friendly/plant-based restaurants....

    I only saw a U.K. restaurant thread like this, but nothing for the U.S. in general. If I'm mistaken, please make the necessary corrections. LOL ;) What are some veg*an-friendly food spots where you live and/or where you've traveled in the United States? Are there some you've heard or read...
  3. jhanc

    Events New upscale plant-based pop-up restaurant!

    Hi All! There's a really cool plant-based pop-up restaurant starting up this month. It's a small, high-end event - 36 seats in a private residence, valet, multiple courses, paired beverages, wait staff. Food is IN-CRED-I-BLE! I can help get discounted tix to a secret opening night next Thursday...
  4. Andy_T

    CA No meat? Yes please: Vegan restaurants get more aggressive

    Interesting article: Vegan restaurants are aggressively pushing no-meat menus, and it seems to be working While I do not agree with the shunning of salads, I find the article very interesting and hope that this style of restaurant also makes it over here....
  5. Ish

    Service Let's change the future of veganism

    Hey everyone, We've been building a platform to make Vegan food more accessible to everyone, but we need your help to get it off the ground: This is something we truly believe can get more and more people to go Vegan.
  6. R

    Survey Restaurant vegan/ vegetarian options survey

    Hi guys, I am working with a company who are currently developing a program to improve the accessibility of information provided by restaurants and venues regarding their ability cater for people with dietary requirements. This information will also be used in order for us to work towards...
  7. PTree15

    Midwest Minneapolis, Minnesota

    If ever you find yourself in Minneapolis (and a few other Minnesota cities), consider going to Pizza Luce for lunch or dinner. They have several options that can be made vegetarian or vegan or gluten-free. I had the mock muffuletta sandwich, and it was outstanding. They also have several pizzas...
  8. L

    Vegan food in Turkey

    I am going on holiday to Turkey next week, staying in the Gumbet area. I was just wondering if anyone knows of any vegan or vegetarian restaurants there or anywhere that serves vegan food in general. Thank you!
  9. M

    Survey Eating out frustration!

    Hi everyone. I hope it is ok to post here, please delete if not. I am currently in the process of setting up a website to help find the best Vegan/Vegetarian/Gluten-free friendly choices, in restaurants in the area and I would love your feedback. I am going to be working with a number of venues...
  10. Indian Summer

    Vegetarian restaurant group 1847 out to become a national brand

    More: Vegetarian restaurant group out to become a national brand (Sophie Witts, 12. November 2015) Has anyone been to these restaurants before? Was it any good?
  11. Squiggy

    What are your favorite vegan/vegetarian restaurants?

    What are your favorite vegan and vegetarian restaurants, or just restaurants with more of these lifestyle options? I thought this thread would be a nice way to not only share your favorite eat-out places, but to get some ideas on places to try out. I've really been loving a place called...