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Aug 4, 2022
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Hello everybody!

My name is Paula Calleja and I'm currently doing a course on UX design in order to expand my career

The other day I went for lunch with one of my vegan friends and she made an observation that inspired me to use as a base for my research project. The observation was that, when she was organizing a meal out with a mixed group of friends (vegan, paleo, vegetarian, omnivore, celiac...etc), it was difficult to accommodate everybody and whenever she managed to, she had had to devote a lot of research into it.

The key issue she brought up is that, while it's generally easy to find restaurants online with the tag "vegan and vegetarian friendly", to actually find out what vegan dishes are served wasn't that straightforward. And the same applied to other practices, not only veganism.

Do you agree with her? What's your experience?

In case it makes it more dynamic, I have prepared a small survey on Typeform, completely anonymous, on the matter. It takes 5 minutes to finish! It would help me a lot


My friend recommended I join Happy Cow not only because of it's restaurant directory but also because of its community. I will take note and appreciate any insights you give me on the matter!