1. PaulaC12

    Survey Eating out with non-vegan friends-Survey

    Hello everybody! My name is Paula Calleja and I'm currently doing a course on UX design in order to expand my career The other day I went for lunch with one of my vegan friends and she made an observation that inspired me to use as a base for my research project. The observation was that...
  2. The Master Of Design

    Natalie Portman is Vegan-Masterclass

    This might be too general, but Natalie Portman is Vegan, and she is teaching acting on her masterclass! As I already have a membership, I sign up for their affiliate; it will lead you straight to her masterclass if you click on this link. Ps. I make a small commission on each sign-up. There are...
  3. Second Summer

    The Secret to Leaving Comments Online

    Some of this is sort of obvious, but I thought it was enjoyable enough to watch anyway. Also, much of this is transferable to discussions in online communities ...!
  4. Second Summer

    Should online platforms have access to users' real identities?

    More: Labour MP calls for end to online anonymity after '600 rape threats' (11. June 2018)
  5. michael white

    We So Vegan

    Hello people I hope you are having an amazing cruelty free weekend, I wanted to introduce myself. First the reason I joined this forum as I discovered some incredible recipes on here that lead to some really food eating. My name is Michael but my partner Marta may also be writing on here...
  6. T

    Product Vegan fashion - feedback needed

    Hi guys, About a year ago I decided I’d had enough of shopping from fashion brands that don’t share my vegan life outlook. But on the other hand, it was too time-consuming to search the net for everyday items from vegan-only brands or to sift through so-called vegan-friendly sites, and so on...
  7. love&kale

    Service Cherry picking your vegan dreamboat!

    Hey Guys! KaleDate is a vegan exclusive dating site! You can find your vegan match at! A dating site for the passionate people to cherry pick their future S.O.! Sometimes it’s hard to find other vegans let alone in your area. You can use us to find new vegtepals as well as the...
  8. Second Summer

    Online Friends

    More: Your Internet Friends Are Real (March 3, 2015) Is the divide between online and real-life friendships getting smaller? Are they really equal? Has Facebook made online friendships more mainstream? And if so, how? Is part of the reason the use of real names instead of nicknames? Something...
  9. theTheFriendlyFire

    Product Hello from london!

    Hello Everyone! Good to be here with such a friendly bunch :) Rather than bore you with how much I love nature and animals (which obviously makes sense right?) I would love to share something with you. I went vegan about 5 years ago and got so passionate about it that I wanted to share it with...