1. Pinkcherry

    How to Discuss Veganism with Non-Vegans ?

    I am the only vegan of my friends and while they all support my choices and encourage me by making sure there are options when we eat out, share vegan news to me about veganism and whatnot, I sometimes struggle to talk and justify veganism to non-vegans without feeling judgemental towards them...
  2. Rekabb

    Advice regarding dealing with friends and family

    Hey there everybody, I'm a long-time reader of this awesome forum, however this is my first post, so nice to meet you all officially! I'll get straight to the point/question. After a slow transition (I'm an avid backpacker, outdoorsman, etc, so feeling satiated and physiologically fueled on a...
  3. Soffiare

    Vegans in chile

    Hi! I live in Chile and while I am still not a vegan (soon soon) I want to know if there is a community that I could be part of and that could help me shlw my parents the benefits of this lifestyle. So if you are vegan and in Chile feel free to contact me :) I look forward to meeting you
  4. M

    How to help friends with trouble being vegan

    In the past, my friend went vegan for a couple of months but she returned to eating meat again for a few months then she went back to being vegan for half a year now. Recently, she told me that she has not been happy being vegan because she would always get sad about the things she could not...
  5. V

    Survey Vegan questionnaire

    Hello lovely vegans! :heart::cool: Take a moment to reflect on your vegan practice by completing this short questionnaire: [[............]] By anonymously completing...
  6. E

    Hi there from a vegan newbie!

    I'm Lauren, I live in Australia & I have only been vegan for a couple of days and loving it! I would love to meet some new people (vegan or not) so just send through an inbox! Thanks! :)
  7. Harry Kirzynowski

    "Why are you vegan?!" - That Question...

    We've all been there... when someone finds out you're vegan and instantly starts questioning you. Well, this is a good thing because it means the person is interested and will be receptive to what you say (I know often they're asking in a sarcastic way, but here's your chance to share some...
  8. Harry Kirzynowski

    Media Need motivation to go vegan?

    Right, so there are lots of reasons to go vegan aren't there? Well, it would seem like the world is almost conspiring against vegans... and it is in a way. The meat and dairy companies and businesses (of multi-billion worth...) obviously do not want the facts to be out there - such as those...
  9. U

    Did you family and friends support you being a Vegan?

    Hey guys, I made a poll for Vegans on how they got supported by their family and friends: What do you think about the result? Do you feel supported?