Oct 1, 2016
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Right, so there are lots of reasons to go vegan aren't there? Well, it would seem like the world is almost conspiring against vegans... and it is in a way. The meat and dairy companies and businesses (of multi-billion worth...) obviously do not want the facts to be out there - such as those industries being the leading driver of species extinction, being the top greenhouse gas producing source etc. I have composed a spoken word linked below - Called 'The Truth That's Hidden' (if you'd rather YouTube it), with plenty of the top reasons to go vegan. I hope this motivates you and It'll give you facts when you're friends ask you why you've made this choice - but hey, that might influence them to go vegan too. :)
Look... I know we get a hard time sometimes with our friends questioning us and testing us on our vegan lifestyle. However, this is good. Because not only are they showing interest, but you have to remember you probably weren't vegan at some point (unless you were raised vegan) so don't get angry and defensive - just set them straight with the facts... such as the meat and dairy industries being top causes of greenhouse gas emissions, where you get your protein, etc. I've compiled a vegan spoken word with lots of reasons to go vegan. It's called 'The Truth That's Hidden' so you can search it on YouTube or click on the link below:

P.s. I posted in the 'Support' section too, so sorry if this is a similar post...

I hope this helps!
As a "transitioner" you better get an answer for this question down. You will be questioned and get weird faces when you tell people you're vegan. Instead of telling people your emotional reasons for being vegan (which are subjective to you) I suggest you hit them with RAW FACTS and EVIDENCE - This cannot be denied and puts people on their back leg. I find this is most effective to get through to people who don't give veganism a chance. Don't get angry or agitated, simply provide facts as to how veganism is helping. In my experience, this is what works best. As an effort to get through to non-vegans I've made a spoken word video which will give you some of the most shocking facts about veganism - and an easy way to remember them as it all rhymes ;) - So here's the link:, you can also put 'The Truth That's Hidden VEGAN SPOKEN WORD' into YouTube to find it :). I hope this helps. I'd really appreciate any support you can give this video - spread the word.

Also, tell me if any methods work better for you as to handling these questions if you're a hardened veteran on the topic :)

Thank You!
I tried to respond here to your video but I can't seem to get my post through so I commented on your video on Youtube.
Well done for trying to spread the message. It's good to try and inspire others. I hope it works.
Great job on the video. I liked it a lot I will be checking you out on YouTube.