vegan movement

  1. WarriorVegan

    Service How To Live The Vegan Lifestyle

    Hey everyone, I am Michael (aka the WarriorVegan) I am currently 29 years old. I mainly went Vegan for the health benefits and all the research I have been doing. I’m in the Military (Army) and have been for 8 years. Before I went vegan I was worried if the lifestyle would support my job in...
  2. Harry Kirzynowski

    Media Need motivation to go vegan?

    Right, so there are lots of reasons to go vegan aren't there? Well, it would seem like the world is almost conspiring against vegans... and it is in a way. The meat and dairy companies and businesses (of multi-billion worth...) obviously do not want the facts to be out there - such as those...
  3. M

    Vegan newbie who needs your help!

    My name is Manon and I am a student at the HU in Utrecht. I have been studying veganism for the last six weeks, and I have been finding this vegan forum very helpful. I have a few questions that I would like to ask and I am hoping that I can get in contact with some of you. Thanks in advance...