1. V

    Misc 5 ways to get you started on vegan journey

    Have you been thinking about going vegan? To start a vegan lifestyle may seem daunting to some, but with modern amenities like online recipes and frozen-food catered to vegans, it couldn’t be easier to make the transition. In fact, 6% of Americans now consider themselves to be completely vegan...
  2. Bethany Barnett

    Weight loss inspiration and motivation

    Hello, all! I'm new here hoping to connect with vegans with the same goals in mind. I've been vegan for about 2 years, originally transitioning from vegetarian for weight loss reasons. As you probably already know there are tons of reasons to be vegan and that's why I'm still a vegan. I did...
  3. Harry Kirzynowski

    Media Need motivation to go vegan?

    Right, so there are lots of reasons to go vegan aren't there? Well, it would seem like the world is almost conspiring against vegans... and it is in a way. The meat and dairy companies and businesses (of multi-billion worth...) obviously do not want the facts to be out there - such as those...