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  1. PaulaC12

    Survey Eating out with non-vegan friends-Survey

    Hello everybody! My name is Paula Calleja and I'm currently doing a course on UX design in order to expand my career The other day I went for lunch with one of my vegan friends and she made an observation that inspired me to use as a base for my research project. The observation was that...
  2. R


    Hello, What is the correct term for non-vegans? Someone once told me that humans are all omnivores, whether vegan or not. That person also told me that the term “meat-eater” refers to animals that eat meat, and is offensive to use that to refer to humans. I would imagine, by that logic, that...
  3. E

    My partner eats a lot of meat

    Hi there, I am new to this forum and desperately seeking some advice from like minded people. I became a vegetarian at the age of 12 and decided to live a vegan lifestyle 3 years ago now. Being a vegan is extremely important to me. I come from a family of meat eaters however my mum is now a...
  4. R

    What would be your answers to these arguments?

    Hello, Here are some arguments in defensive of eating meat that I have heard (not the exact words), and I’d like to know how you would answer them… * “If the animal’s weren’t bred for the purpose of being eaten, they wouldn’t have ever been born. That is the purpose of their life and birth. *...
  5. R

    Did you convince your family to go vegan?

    Were they big time meat-eaters who would get defensive if you brought up veganism before? How did you convince your family to go vegan?
  6. Pinkcherry

    How to Discuss Veganism with Non-Vegans ?

    I am the only vegan of my friends and while they all support my choices and encourage me by making sure there are options when we eat out, share vegan news to me about veganism and whatnot, I sometimes struggle to talk and justify veganism to non-vegans without feeling judgemental towards them...