Jun 21, 2016
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I am going on holiday to Turkey next week, staying in the Gumbet area. I was just wondering if anyone knows of any vegan or vegetarian restaurants there or anywhere that serves vegan food in general.
Thank you!
Hi there!

I came back from my holiday in Turkey last week, I was staying near Bodrum. It was my first time going as a vegan and I was slightly worried however it wasn't a problem at all. From what I saw of Turkey there were no vegan or even vegetarian restaurants but everywhere will accommodate you if you tell them that you don't eat any animal products . Honestly the Turkish people are SO helpful and lovely! I carried around a Turkish book with a bookmark in the special diets section which I used when i needed to explain that I was vegan. I often had salads, veg pizza without cheese, veg casseroles and stews, veg pasta dishes ect. They also serve lentil soup pretty much everywhere which is vegan too. I even found some alpro almond milk in the supermarket which I took back to the villa to make morning porridge with!

Hope this helps XXX
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