1. K

    Product A must-have for vegan travellers

    Hey everyone! I'm excited to share with you my brand new product that I created and launched this autumn/fall, to make travelling abroad as a vegan easier when ordering food. It's a pack of playing cards (that you can actually play cards with!) that also translates “I am Vegan”, “I do not eat...
  2. Leonietnzr

    Vegan Student needs help for research

    Hiya! My name is Leonie and I am a 3rd year student at the University of Greenwich. I am currently doing my dissertation on "how veganism is influencing travel behaviour". I am looking for people who would like to take part in an online interview about that. If you are interested or know...
  3. meib

    Tip for vegans traveling/living in Japan

    Just wanted to send a quick tip to fellow vegans who are living or traveling to Japan. I live in Tokyo, and I definitely know the struggle of being vegan here… Though while in Japan I obviously want to enjoy its incredible food culture without having to worry about the inclusion of dashi or fish...
  4. Elisa Soares

    How can veganism gain momentum in the tourism industry ?

    Hi ! I hope you're doing well ! I'm sorry If I bother you but I'm a french girl studying tourism and i'm doing a study about veganism in tourism and you are part of it so I would love to talk to you about it.. ! I'd like to know if you have any ideas to try to improve travelling as a vegan ...
  5. N


    Hi, I am Nishtha Relan, I am doing a research on experience you might have during your travel. I will love to know your thoughts and experience.
  6. Gabby

    Vegan & gluten free in italy

    Hi! I have an upcoming trip to italy, i'll be there for about a month and I was wondering if anyone has any experience eating in italy as a vegan and gluten free. I have a leaky gut and one of the requirements to help fix it is to completely avoid gluten and wheat. I know italy is famous for...
  7. Soffiare

    Vegan in japan

    Hey everyone! While I am still not vegan I will be in the near future and since I am travelling to Japan at the end of next january I want to know in advance what (affordable) options do I have Thanks in advance!
  8. earthling_gh

    Greetings from earthling ( indian in china )

    would like to connect with business into import, export of food or NON food to promote veganism along with other goodies like organic, non GMO, eco friendly, natural, raw, probiotic, health, wellness, etc for common people, not luxury. metta ( peace, light, joy, health) for all
  9. Vivi BA

    Media Vegan city trip

    Hello veggie friends ! I'm a French vegan girl and I'm entering in a contest to promote Vegan food, which is respectful of our planet , our health and the animals. The idea is to democratize this way of life in highlighting people and restaurants of 7 Vegan friendly cities of the world. And...
  10. Second Summer

    Technology Hyperloop One completes first successful full scale test

    More: Hyperloop One had its first full-system test of ultrafast transportation system (12. July 2017) While this sounds perhaps a bit tame on the surface, it's somewhat more impressive when you consider that it travelled in an artificial vacuum and was magnetically levitated. It does sound...
  11. Dovahkitty99

    Inheriting a leather suitcase

    Hello Everyone! so I've been vegetarian for over a year and vegan for 3 months. I am taking a gap year to go travelling and my grandfather (aged 90) wants to pass on his LEATHER suitcase that he has had his whole life, it's been taken all around the world and is very attractive/vintage. Is it...
  12. WelshVeganFitnessBlogger

    Vegan travelling alone

    Hey guys, I thought I would start a thread about travelling alone. Since going Vegan I've wanted to to see the world and do everything apart from get a job that's expected of graduated students. I want to find like minded people who are positive and want to explore and make memories. I am from...
  13. Rory

    Media New YouTube channel - "RipeLife" - veganism, health & travelling

    Hey everyone! We are Rory & Jacqui and we have recently started a YouTube channel called RipeLife which primarily focuses on veganism, health and travel. We are both vegan, from England, UK and are currently travelling the world, or at least as much of it as we can (we're in Mexico as we write...
  14. Calliegirl

    While Most Eat Enough For Three, Vegans Starve on Cruise Ships

    This was written by a vegan who worked on a cruise ship. She wanted everyone to know what actually goes on regarding the food. While Most Eat Enough For Three, Vegans Starve on Cruise Ships: A Day in the Life of A Vegan Employee.
  15. D

    Survey Starting a new, searchable veg friendly review site. I need your help!

    Have you ever read a review and wondered what did this person actually order? Have you ever wanted to know if a restaurant catered to vegans or would just make modifications to existing dishes? We intend on getting these answers with help from people like you with an interactive website that...
  16. L

    Vegan food in Turkey

    I am going on holiday to Turkey next week, staying in the Gumbet area. I was just wondering if anyone knows of any vegan or vegetarian restaurants there or anywhere that serves vegan food in general. Thank you!
  17. Catrina Wildon

    Hi Everyone :)

    I am a vegan from the UK and have a blog that I would love everyone to check out, ( my latest post is all about the recent Vegfest in London! Hope you all check it out, also I only turned Vegan in August so any tips or yummy recipes that you share would...