Mar 23, 2017
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Swansea, UK
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Hey guys, I thought I would start a thread about travelling alone. Since going Vegan I've wanted to to see the world and do everything apart from get a job that's expected of graduated students. I want to find like minded people who are positive and want to explore and make memories. I am from the UK and have never been outside of Wales. I am SO nervous but also don't know where to go first if I was to travel alone.... any recommendations, experiences would be so helpful!
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24 and never been outside of Wales!

You could try major cities like Berlin, Sydney, London that will have vegan shops, restaurants and communities. However travelling long term in developed countries is really expensive, but in developing countries like minded vegan people could be harder to find.

Do you want to go travelling for a couple of weeks or something? If so, I would just get to see London for starters and a few cities in Europe.

If you are going for a longer period somewhere like India or South East Asia is going to be easier on the budget and will be interesting from a good perspective. Hard to find vegan communities maybe, but plenty of good and tasty food, vegeterian at least.

Another option would be to get to the Western US and for example travel from Seattle down to Portland and into Californian cities. YOu may find more like minded people here!

Very hard to give reccomendations with so little to go on!