travelling vegan

  1. W

    Find restaurants-Worldwide Veggie

    Ever found yourself desperately looking for vegan food while traveling? Find vegan restaurants all over the world with the “Worldwide Veggie” App- offering customized guides for travelers including discount codes to help you save money. We're currently working on our app to make vegetarian and...
  2. Vivi BA

    Media Vegan city trip

    Hello veggie friends ! I'm a French vegan girl and I'm entering in a contest to promote Vegan food, which is respectful of our planet , our health and the animals. The idea is to democratize this way of life in highlighting people and restaurants of 7 Vegan friendly cities of the world. And...
  3. WelshVeganFitnessBlogger

    Vegan travelling alone

    Hey guys, I thought I would start a thread about travelling alone. Since going Vegan I've wanted to to see the world and do everything apart from get a job that's expected of graduated students. I want to find like minded people who are positive and want to explore and make memories. I am from...