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Oct 23, 2017
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so I've been vegan for about 18 months, did my medical checks ones every three months and it always have been perfectly fine (and even better). yesterday I've been through some blood tests since my period is off track and my hair falls. Today my doctor called my parents to inform them I must come for a meeting with him as soon as possible (He literally suggested me to come in less than a hour).
I'm still a teen, and m parents decided they want me to start eating meat again, saying if I won't do it, they'll find a way to make me do it. I'll go to the doctor's office this week, but until then - what can I tell my parents so they'll let me stay vegan?
Hi Triple-O

First of all read posting number 7 by Alleycat in “General: How Vegan are you?” and my response to it.

Your parents cannot make you eat meat. Alleycat’s experience was many years ago and times have now changed very much for the better.

You must, though, understand your parents’ concern. I am sure they love you and have what they feel as your best interests at heart. Tell them quite bluntly that you are not going to eat meat. Ask them to accept that as a given and ask for their help in researching to make sure you have all the nutrition you need. Tell them that there are thousands of vegans out there and that some of them went vegan primarily because it is healthier than eating meat.

Hold your resolve, keep your cool, don’t shout, make a point of not slamming doors and do try not to dissolve into tears!

Most important of all, as a first step, you must have this same conversation with your doctor. Place him/her in the same position as your parents. “I am not going to do it. That is the starting point. Now, will you help me with any nutritional problems I have? I will not eat meat.” Ask to be put in touch with a vegan-friendly nutritionist.

Do tons of research on healthy diets. Health is your only way forward because there is no way that your parents are likely to accept ethical arguments for veganism in the shorter term. Their only concern is your wellbeing and currently they erroneously see meat eating as an essential.

Do let us know how you get on and remember that you are far from being the first on this rocky path. Good luck. :)

Oh, and in the medium term try to do far more than your fair share of the home cooking. Improve your skills to the point where your parents can congratulate you on a lovely meal prepared mainly by you!

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