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Jul 2, 2017
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Why do “animal lovers” report images of and posts about animal cruelty when they are shared by vegans and activists? I can understand reporting images and posts that promote animal cruelty (hunting pics, etc), but why report images and posts shared by vegans and animal rights activists? That’s counterproductive to helping the animals. The reason why vegans and activists sign and share petitions, images of animal cruelty, videos of animal cruelty and posts about animal cruelty is to try and raise awareness, to educate people, to empower and inspire people to make change and help the animals, to inform people so that they will help the animals. We don’t do it for pleasure. Yes, we can get upset by looking at such images, videos and petitions, but we prioritise the animals’ plight over our few moments/minutes of discomfort and upset feelings.
Surely a true animal lover would support the activism by sharing the posts/petitions/images, or at least not reporting them? Surely a true animal lover would support activism for animals and want to do what’s best for the animals? Surely a true animal lover would prioritise the plight of the animals and the efforts of those fighting to help them over their own emotional sensibilities?
Once they have been educated, once they have seen the footage/the documentaries/read about the cruelty, once they have learned that they can be perfectly healthy and still enjoy great food as a vegan, a true animal lover goes vegan for the animals. Period.
Thank you.