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Mar 1, 2016
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None so blind as those who do not wish to see....

After DAYS of providing explanations and links to supporting information...I got yet again..."bunny boiler" people wanting to breed and kill bunny rabbits to feed pet cats comments...

... that were not even CAT but DOG food related in the comment made. Inability to read the word CAT even was clear.

Accusing ME and vegans of "animal abuse" is simply unacceptable. Ignorance of laws about "animal abuse" also clear.

Inability to read the word CAT even was clear. Accusing ME and vegans of "animal abuse" was simply unacceptable. Ignorance of laws about "animal abuse" also clear.

Yet again...I remind, repeat...he or she had never once addressed or recognised anything about the facts and links I had provided repeatedly to them.

The title of the post was..."Can a pet cat be vegan ?"

So the answer is clearly YES. The question was not..."what animals should I kill to feed my pet cat ?" or..."what pets should I have ?" or..."do you feed your cat vegan or rabbits or chickens etc ?"

The opinions about what "animal abuse" is...were totally incorrect...and had the post asked that question..."is it animal abuse" the answer is no...but the post did NOT ask that question...and obviously the poster knew full well it is NOT animal abuse or there would not be legal vegan cat foods sold to the public !

Going on about what pet DOGS are fed was irrelevant to that post !

For those unable to understand information provided in great detail of the FDA and AAFCO ...this explains why such people do not understand nutrition.

FDA and AAFCO are the Government USA Pet food experts.

In EUROPE ...the EU has FEDIAF equivalent.

They set the standards for pet food, and issue recalls of pet foods which make pets sick and or kill them.

In over 35 years...the FDA have never recalled a single vegan cat food...but recalled due to deaths and sickness of hundreds of thousand of pets RAW pet foods the most but also other animal content pet foods of well known brands and less well known brands.

So there is plenty evidence...that Vegan Cat foods are never recalled in over 35 years.

Yes i have to repeat that very important FACT often for those unable to understand that point...never replying to that fact...and continuing to also ignore the roles of the FDA and FSA

Vegan cat foods...are high quality..."species appropriate" by LAW for cats...suitable for "digestion" criteria etc and have all the ones i have reviewed made by vegan companies "above AAFCO pet food standards" nutrient levels easily checked on the AAFCO pages long NUTRIENTS needs and quantities for different species different life stages published guidelines.

Anyone not understanding that...just wishes to ignore FACTS and the LAWS in place that govern Cat foods in the USA like other continents and encourage "bunny boiling" rather than compassion.

Now to the unacceptable offensive to bunny rabbits and myself rudeness and legal implications stupidity of calling not killing bunny rabbits to feed a pet cat..."animal abuse"

That EVERYONE knows or should know if not totally ignorant of the term...has legal meaning and effects.

There are LAWS dealing with "animal cruelty" regarding improper diets fed to animals

Vegan Cat foods...if anyone can understand the first part of my reply yet again having to repeat the NOT come into the category of "animal abuse" as the FDA and AAFCO Pet Food Authorities never recall them and allow their sale to the public as they are "species appropriate" and "disgestible" etc for cats.

I would not have to repeat these FACTS so often ...if some people had not persisted in making very very ridiculous accusations of "animal cruelty" but not mentioning that "bunny boiling" is animal cruelty but accusing LEGAL PET FOODS out there and the FDA also governement authorities of the USA and every other country in the world of "animal abuse"

These ignorant persons acccusing ME and others who feed not boiled bunny rabbits forced to die to pet cats...are NOT ANIMAL ABUSERS but precisely the contrary.

What is so difficult to understand about this ?

DESIST calling people who do not "bunny boil" 240 rabbits per year to feed a pet cat of "animal abuse" because this is very very ignorant...totally incorrect as per LAWS relating to that legal offense...

Continue to "bunny boil" thousands...millions of bunny rabbits if you wish to !

I do not call YOU "animal abusers" for doing so ! animals are "just things" under the law to "use" so killing hundreds of millions of bunny rabbits and other animals to feed pets is perfectly legal ! i just personally say it is not VEGAN.


if people really are THAT are the FDA and AAFCO and FEDIAF

who are the government USA pet food standards setters and regulators...i again have to repeat for those unable to retain that fact.

Food and Drug Administration

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

To understand how FDA regulates pet food, it’s important to first understand several key concepts and some of the laws and regulations regarding food for animals.

The basic food and drug law in the U.S. is the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act). Under this law, FDA is responsible for making sure food for both people and animals is safe, properly manufactured, and adequately labeled. The agency is also responsible for ensuring that drugs for people and animals are safe, effective, properly manufactured, and adequately labeled and packaged. Knowing if something is a food or drug is a good start to understanding how FDA regulates the product.

Now to the PET FOOD STANDARDS setting government authority in the USA...but every continent has the equivalent of this ...


The Association of American Feed Control Officials

AAFCO (The Association of American Feed Control Officials) is the official source of information on pet food labelling, ingredient definitions, official terms and standardized feed testing methodology.


The European pet food industry provides a range of carefully prepared products to help ensure long, healthy and active lives of million pets in Europe, which are cared for in around 62 million pet keeping households.

Responsible voice of the European pet food industry collaborating with authorities, regulators and academics for achieving favourable conditions for the supply of safe, nutritious and palatable products.
FEDIAF is fully committed to promoting responsible pet ownership, to the wellbeing of pet animals, to their important social role and to the respect of sustainable development.”

FEDIAF Nutritional Guidelines exist to help members in formulating complete diets. They detail the nutritional needs of different species at the varying life-stages and are peer-reviewed by independent experts throughout Europe.

The nutritional requirements of cats and dogs are very different to those of humans and any error in feeding may have serious consequences on their health. A badly-balanced diet, composed of table scraps and over rich foods may cause health problems such as obesity, liver dysfunction, renal insufficiency etc and may shorten the life of the animal.

To achieve a balanced diet, pet food manufacturers blend a mixture of ingredients such as meat, fish, cereals, vegetables, vitamins and minerals, in order to meet the nutritional requirements of pets.

We understand that the nutritional requirements of an animal will vary according to its size, age and activity. A hunting dog will not be fed in the same way as a pet, just as a puppy will not be fed in the same way as an ageing dog.

The increasing knowledge of pet nutrition and food technology has transformed the industry over the years. It is recognised that pets are living longer, healthier lives as a result of improved nutrition.

The industry now provides a range of pet foods adapted to the needs of the different kinds of pets. Whether they represent a daily ration (complete food) or are used in conjunction with other foods (complementary food), industrially prepared pet foods contain all the right components in carefully prescribed proportions for a pet to lead a healthy life.



  • Dogs need a careful balance of calcium/phosphorus and sufficient vitamin D for strong bones and healthy teeth.
  • Fats and oils are a source of energy which is important for active and large dogs.
  • Protein is required to maintain the body muscles.
  • The requirements for senior dogs are explained in FEDIAF's Statement on Nutrition for Senior Dogs.
  • A cat needs almost twice as much protein as a dog.
  • Vitamin A is necessary but within very precise limits. Too much liver (rich in vitamin A) can be harmful
  • The wrong balance in essential fatty acids will take the shine out of a cat's coat.
  • Taurine - a vitamin-like substance - is essential to prevent eye and heart disease.
Small mammals
  • Contrary to widespread belief, each type of rodent has its own specific nutritional requirements.
  • For example, a hamster needs high levels of protein (meat), whereas a dwarf rabbit is strictly herbivore.
  • The guinea pig has an imperative need of vitamin C as it cannot synthesize it. It is therefore either systematically present in prepared foods or offered in the form of vitamin supplements.


Now...for those wishing to not feed pet cats legal healthy approved surpassing pet food experts nutrition vegan...

fine !

feed them bred specially and killed specially for pets rabbits !

I find that not is not legally "animal abuse" but i find it not kill bunny rabbits.

I provided details for those liking rabbit cat foods.

Here it is again...why ? because if not feeding a pet cat VEGAN...people need to know about RABBIT CAT FOOD surely !! why digress off the topic of CAT FOOD ?

In pet food, rabbit can be used as a fresh meat (fresh rabbit, deboned rabbit, freshly prepared rabbit) or as a pre-prepared, dry meat meal (rabbit meal, dried rabbit, dehydrated rabbit). When the ingredient is listed simply as 'rabbit' it usually refers to the fresh form.

Now do i need to repeat the links i provided about "rabbit cat foods" ?

I did provide pictures of the 3 month old crammed in cages before killed screaming in terror rabbits bred and killed for cat food...that these people i am replying to again want to kill.

Why ? are these people so keen to kill bunny rabbits to feed pet cats hey ? none of my business...they do not consider killing animals like bunny rabbits "animal abuse" clearly if feeding them to pet cats !

oh just "beware the rabbit cat food recalls" out there...i did provide helpful links to some...thousands of sick pet cats and dogs even on rabbit pet foods...but mostly as i repeat 5 out of 7 government pet food authority pet food recalls are RAW pet foods...never vegan ones.

Purina Animal Nutrition is initiating a voluntary recall of multiple lots of Purina® Rabbit Feed, Purina® Turkey Feed, Country Acres® Rabbit Feed and DuMOR® Chick Starter/Grower Feed due to elevated calcium levels in the product.28 févr. 2020
Purina Animal Nutrition Voluntarily Recalling Select Lot Codes ...

Anyone wishing to know which pet foods are making cats sick and or killing them currently...can find this public information easily on the already provided government pet food authority controllers website...

I have provided this before...but due to some people not understanding this...never refering to the FDA or AAFCO or European equivalent seems necessary to repeat these facts of enormous relevance to saying...which pet foods ...are dangerous to pet cats...

and i repeat...never in over 35 years has a single vegan cat food been recalled or proven to make cats sick or die...

here is the link again for proof.

For those going on again about "bunny rabbits" to feed pet cats...instead of vegan cat food...


3 months old when killed. Often boiled alive.
Kept in cramped no daylight cages for all their short lives.
Many die before official slaughter suffering greatly but hey...just pet food material.

hundreds of millions bred specifically for pet food.

Many pet foods without clear labels about what species animals are in them have rabbits in and easy to breed and kill is why.

This post is about CAT it is inappropriate to start up about what pets people should get...that is only relevant if somone asks such a one has asked...what pet should i get ?

This post is about CAT FOOD...and rabbits...are cat food...for non vegans.

And i provide the details yet again.

Like most battery-reared animals, the rabbits never see daylight, instead spending their entire lives locked in cramped cages.

The fact of newborns deemed too small to be used for meat is even worse, with the tiny rabbits' heads smashed against the wire to kill them or otherwise left to fall through the sharp metal bars on the floor of their cramped hutches, where they will starve to death in the squalid sewage pit below.


In summary...replying to the comment made....i dealt yet again with....

1. Facts and links to the Expert Nutritionist Government Pet food Standards Setters and Controllers responsible for setting the criteria for legal species appropriate by law cat foods and who recalls cat foods not meeting those standards.

Clearly vegan cat foods have never been recalled in over 35 years sold but mostly RAW and animal content cat foods that made sick and killed thousands of pet cats were recalled.

2. Facts about what is legally defined as "animal abuse" and the fact that Vegan Cat food is the complete opposite of that issue ...see point 1. If the cat food were not species appropriate it would be classsifed as "cruelty" under welfare is is the exact opposite.

3. Facts for those showing by replies that they wish pet cats to be fed bunny rabbits.

That is very common. Millions of bunny rabbits are bred and killed for cat foods.

I simply do not buy them as I do not feed my vegan fed cat bunny rabbits.

I do not need anyone to "order" me "what to get" as a toy pet or pet food. Humans make decisions about "what they get" according to laws that exist.

ps This person who i reply to...has failed to understand these repeated informations yet again...and in the comment made shows he or she does not even understand that this post is about CATS not DOGS as the person only talks about his DOGS !

The level of attention and understanding or wish to understand of "bunny boilers" seems clear to me and others i am sure.

If anyone...wishes to continue making comments in this thread...

I suggest...

Instead of launching into accusations of others of "animal abuse" emotively without substance...try...and reply to information that others have provided ...supporting your replies with evidence for your views. results in repetitions...and promotion of "bunny boiling" rabbits to feed pet cats....accusations of "animal abuse" to those who do NOT kill animals...and is therefore unacceptable and useful commentary disrespectful to those asking a question of this post and those taking time to reply with relevant details and links to supporting evidence for any statements made.

I have posted much information and links to more than these regulatory but most important experts and controls in pet food scientific nutrition experts in charge of setting the standards and recalling any pet foods sold to the public that fail to meet the species appropriate standards.

Further links to the 20 vegan companies who produce vegan pet foods since over 35 years with never a racall are easy to find by searching on the key words in this forum

here are some. Easy to see subject matter of the threads i posted with information and links.

Lists of the 20 vegan pet food producers world wide are in a link below.

The oldest producers of vegan pet foods are ?


COMPASSION CIRCLE provide recipes for "home made" with their supplements

Compassion Circle as Harbringers of a New Age are in the Top 10 USA pet food exporters world wide.

BENEVO in the UK won a Queens Award for Industry also.

All that i have reviewed labels of...exceed AAFCO detailed standards and are of course by LAW "species appropriate" as that term has nutritional legal meaning set by the Government Expert Scientists in Pet Food Nutrition of course.

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Mar 1, 2016
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I suggest...anyone replying here...take the following advice common to any replies made on any posts as a principle of good practice...

1. Address the issues or issue in the post being replied to...before starting a totally different topic in any reply made.

2. If disagreeing with a statement or link if you do not agree that the USA has a government department who controls pet foods...then state that belief.

Some people believe the world is FLAT not ROUND.

3. If you have an "opinion" not supported by any scientific evidence...then be careful about making it clear it is only your opinion not FACT by suggested use of..."IMHO" which it etiquette online that most understand...imho.

4. Be careful about accusing anyone of "animal abuse" this has legal implications and is not something to throw around carelessly.

In sure of your FACTS or provide links to support any VIEWS held and do not make personal hostile judgements of people ...especially if totally this case..."animal abuse" was way out of order as an accusation to make.
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Mar 1, 2016
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oh whilst there are plenty VEGAN DOGS examples around...BRAMBLE the most famous...lived 25 years healthy...a Welsh Border Colley female dog owned by Anne Heritage who owned several similar long lived healthy vegan dog unrelated to Bramble companion dogs...

Dr Knight includes the Working Sledge Dogs Peer Reviewed Scientific study of how the vegan fed huskies outperformed the animal meat fed ones.

No dog breed needing more high energy than a working sledge husky dog.

Oh for those needing "vet reassurances" about any pet foods that the vets are not making money of by selling themselves ...and of course brands of pet foods that vets do not earn from make them not independant for pet food advice...if your vet is selling pet food...he or she is not independant. Obvious.

No better or higher qualified VETS than those like Dr Knight and the vets scientists who produced peer reviewed pet food studies and sit on the FDA and AAFCO and FEDIAF pet food governing vets below those ones are up to their levels of qualifcations of course is obvious.

Andrew Knight BSc (Vet Biol), BVMS, CertAW, MANZCVS, DipECAWBM (AWSEL), DipACAW, PhD, FRCVS, PFHEA

Andrew Knight is a ridiculously busy bloke. He is Professor of Animal Welfare and Ethics, and Founding Director of the Centre for Animal Welfare, at the University of Winchester; a EBVS European and RCVS Veterinary Specialist in Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law; an American and New Zealand Veterinary Specialist in Animal Welfare; a Fellow of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, and a Principal Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy.

Andrew has over 65 academic publications and a series of YouTube videos on animal issues. These include an extensive series examining the contributions to human healthcare of animal experiments, which formed the basis for his 2010 PhD and his 2011 book The Costs and Benefits of Animal Experiments. Andrew’s other publications have examined the contributions of the livestock sector to climate change, vegetarian companion animal diets, the animal welfare standards of veterinarians, and the latest evidence about animal cognitive and related abilities, and the resultant moral implications. His informational websites include, and

HILLS a non vegan pet food producer in 2020 also produced a peer reviewed scientific report that showed CATS digested PLANT PROTEINS better even than DOGS do.

And last but not least...

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Mar 1, 2016
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Of course there is a way to be vegan and not cause bunny rabbit and others deaths of bred by humans animals...for over 35 years healthy vegan cat foods have existed and never had a recall...unlike thousands of unsafe RAW pet foods mostly recalled regularly that make cats sick and even kill them

Pet Cat Dog Ferret Foods. Legal set by AAFCO pet food standards "species appropriate" recalled if needed by the FDA Pet food

Celine and Poppy...2 vegan fed cats...20 year old indoor vegan fed cats.

Both ex hillgrove vivisection laboratories in the UK rescues
Where bunny rabbits dogs cats are tortured for science

However the lives of bunny rabbits matter as much as cats these rescued cats did not ause the torture of bred by humans in small cages rabbits that humans kill age 3 months usually for pet foods.

Most pet foods do not have to list all the "species" of animals in them rabbits end up in many pet foods unidentifed as well as specially identified for those wanting BUNNY RABBIT CAT FOOD as many do if not feeding cats vegan pet food.

celine vegan cats.jpg

celine vegan cat.jpg

Vegan Dogs

Mar 1, 2016
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Examples of 18 year old vegan fed cats....Bunkey and Mr Rambaba ! we already have examples of 20 and in 21st year vegan fed cats Celine and for some more...

18 year old tabby vegan fed cat Mr Rambaba !
18 year old vegan fed white cat Bunkey also !


I have an 18 year old vegan cat, 10 years fed vegan... he eats EVOLUTION PET FOOD VEGAN FOR CATS AND DOGS


18 year old vegan fed white cat Bunkey1597154963916.png

18 year old tabby vegan fed cat Mr Rambaba !