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    Help us save lives

    Hello all. This is Tasnuva here. I'm reaching out to you from Dhaka, Bangladesh, and it’s a cry for help. Today I am writing to share a cause that is very close to my heart, and I need your support to make it a reality. For years, I've been working as a dedicated animal rescuer and foster care...
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    Does Anyone in the USA on here want a pitbull? If you can’t take any of these dogs, or you don’t want to, PLEASE at least share these posts far and wide, with as many potential adopters as...
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    Pit bulls and other controversial dogs

    There is no such thing as an all-dangerous/all-aggressive breed/type of dog. There is good and bad in everyone, and there are good and bad in every group, including not just human groups, but also other species/subspecies and particular breeds/types. It’s unfair to generalise all dogs of any...
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    Is It Ever Ethical to Buy Meat or Fish-Based Dog Food for A Dog?

    Hello 👋, I passionately disagree with animal slaughter and cruelty. However, I also kind of think that animals are generally happier and healthier when eating their natural diet. What if you’re in a country that doesn’t have vegan dog food readily available? I would want to feed my dog right...
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    Bruno the Dog

    Hello 👋, PLEASE would someone adopt Bruno, before it’s too late? Thanks.
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    Boots in San Antonio

    Please, look into my eyes. Aren’t I lovely enough? Please won’t someone adopt before my time is up? I will be killed if not out of the shelter in one day. Please, even if you don’t want to adopt me or you can’t adopt me for whatever reason, please share my page and this post with as many...
  7. Vegan Dogs

    Pet Cat Dog Ferret Foods-Legal set by AAFCO

    None so blind as those who do not wish to see.... After DAYS of providing explanations and links to supporting information...I got yet again..."bunny boiler" people wanting to breed and kill bunny rabbits to feed pet cats comments... ... that were not even CAT but DOG food related in the...
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    Dogs and roadkill

    Hello 👋, I was watching a video done by a guy concerning Freelee’s dog Figsy and how they feed the dog by dumpster diving outside the butcher’s (they didn’t want to support animal slaughter, but Figsy needed meat). I would love a dog, but I don’t feel comfortable supporting animal slaughter...
  9. Vegan Dogs

    Thoughts on recent uk petition to ban dogmeat and catmeat speciesism

    This is recent 2018. Arguments used to promote this of 1 mp are 1. imho a pr stunt to draw attention to this mp for popularity easy point scoring 2. arguments used are this will send message and example out there to countries that include dogmeat and catmeat in their diets 3. arguments used...
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    Please sign and share my petition about cat and dog meat

    Hi, Please sign and share my petition. There is no graphic imagery directly attached to this petition, but there may be graphic information and/or links/images relating to animal cruelty, human rights abuses (including rape, sexual assault/harassment and women's rights issues) and/or...
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    Samsung: speak out against the korean dog meat industry

    Hi , Please sign and share my petition. Warning: Descriptions/references to animal cruelty. Thank you. Have a great day (and night)!