Danish Government Allocates €168 M-PB Food Production


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Feb 24, 2021
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Danish Government Allocates 1 Billion Kroner To Ramp Up Plant-Based Food Production

Denmark government has announced it will funnel a staggering 1.25 billion kroner (€168 million) into plant-based foods. This is part of an ‘unprecedented’ climate agreement centered around reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs).

And, it is the largest investment into plant-based research and development that the EU has ever seen.

‘Agricultural support must be used actively as a tool to give farmers an incentive to switch to more sustainable production and thus support the green transition in the industry’, the policy states

Specifically, the government has vowed to ramp up plant-based food production. This involves creating new job opportunities and focussing on sales promotions and education.

The government pledges to set up a strategy for ‘green proteins’ both for humans and animals. And, the document states animal welfare should be prioritized.