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Apr 7, 2024
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We have two dogs adopted from a shelter in spain. They are amazing! So far they have been given animal products. Its the only animal products we buy and I dont feel good about it. I don't easily find vegan dogfood around here. Most of the time it's also very expensive (I live in belgium).

I have some questions for the wonderful people on the forum:

- How did you transition your dog from meat to vegan? Dit that go easy (thinking about the digition etc...)
- Did you make the transition at once of step by step?
- What are some good ways to make your own vegan dog food? I would prefer this over buying. (But if somebody has a good tip for belgium its also welcome).

Thanks a lot
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Hello there! We also adopted a dog from abroad - he's the dog in my avatar photo at the moment.

Our dog is more of a "flexitarian" than properly vegan but the food that we actually buy for him these days is vegan about 99% of the time. Occasionally my wife also gets non-vegan food for him from her work that would otherwise be thrown away. Before we have also bought ethically sourced reindeer antlers because the poor thing was teething and needed to gnaw on something bone-y.

We didn't transition him from meat to vegan, we just gave him vegan dog food, and he ate it without complaint. But he was also just a few months old when we adopted him.

I'm not sure if making your own vegan dog food is a good idea, at least if you mean food that will make up most of what they eat on a permanent basis. There are certain micro-nutrients that dogs need, and in certain quantities. We have opted to put our trust in commercial producers of vegan dog food instead.

Edited to add: That said, I read about what was that the oldest dog in the world at one point. And he used to eat whatever his human family ate. (They were not vegan, though.)
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We have (or had) a member here named Vegan Dogs. I had some trouble with that link - but you can search for her. I think she is the authority on the subject.

We also have quite a few threads on the subject

and to get you started here are some good places to start.

you might also google vegan dog food recipes. One of my friends makes a weeks worth of vegan dog food every week and freeze it in daily portions. She also has a supplement that her vet recommends that she adds to the recipe. (it's an OTC amino acid, vitamin, and mineral blend.)

You should probably discuss this with your vet and have him monitor your dogs health closely for a while. Some dogs don't transition well.
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