1. eu0499

    US Animal Tube YT

    Hello everyone! Join to my new YT channel about animals and pets. Just follow and enjoy relaxing and peaceful videos with animals. New videos everyday :) Here you can tracking new videos, next ideas for next video and much any activities Here is one of my videos. Every day I trying make it better
  2. I

    Is it Advisable to Have this Animal as a Pet?

    I have been searching for a beautiful animal to adopt as a Pet.I am so much in love with Animals but I need one to have as a close friend. Recently a good friend of mine advised me to go for this animal but I want my friends here on this forum to give me their advice as a family.Take a look of...
  3. Vegan Dogs

    Taxonomy-Classifications of animals into diet related classes

    Taxonomy...classifications of animals into diet related classes the evolution and differences between diets in the wild and captivity This my attempt...first attempt help people understand what certain as I call them "grunt words" mean in context of where they come from...
  4. Vegan Dogs

    Pet Cat Dog Ferret Foods-Legal set by AAFCO

    None so blind as those who do not wish to see.... After DAYS of providing explanations and links to supporting information...I got yet again..."bunny boiler" people wanting to breed and kill bunny rabbits to feed pet cats comments... ... that were not even CAT but DOG food related in the...
  5. Vegan Dogs

    Pet food animal consumption-5th largest/World!

    If our dogs and cats constituted their own country, they'd rank fifth in global meat consumption, behind only Russia, Brazil, China, and the United States. There’s no doubt that our furry friends are...
  6. Vegan Dogs

    PETA slogan-"Animals are not ours to use"

    PETA slogan..."animals are not ours to use" is this a belief ? philosophy people believe in and practise ? Even non vegans...know this PETA slogan ...and so i ask and this the fundamental basis of veganism or not ? If it is...then i think it is simple and explains the WHY it is...
  7. Damo

    Help with a rabbit dilemma

    Hi everyone! I need your help with a dilemma, I've had the idea of adopting two rabbits for awhile and my original thought was to adopt from a rescue as they're obviously in need of homes. However out of curiosity I browsed a place called Gumtree, for the west it's similar to Craigslist I...
  8. D

    Human-animal communication

    Years ago, I became friends with this dog, that I took care of for about three years, while his real guardian was sick. We were connected more deeply than I had ever been connected with any human. We had beautiful relationship of respect, care and compassion. Aften we had to go separate ways, I...
  9. Vegan Dogs

    Vegan cats age 20 years old examples

    Vegan Cats. Examples of living healthy thriving VEGAN FED CATS in the slideshow ! Healthy Vegan fed cats have lived to the long age of 20 years old. Those 2 in the picture that includes the Ginger cat with a Blackie cat eating with relish their UK Vegan catfood figured recently in 2018 on BBC...
  10. Vegan Dogs

    Thoughts on recent uk petition to ban dogmeat and catmeat speciesism

    This is recent 2018. Arguments used to promote this of 1 mp are 1. imho a pr stunt to draw attention to this mp for popularity easy point scoring 2. arguments used are this will send message and example out there to countries that include dogmeat and catmeat in their diets 3. arguments used...
  11. Carolyn d.

    Dilemma about an antique brass birdcage

    I am sad to say that my mother loved to keep singing canaries in our house in the 60s and 70s. Initially they were in a larger bamboo cage but then she found an antique brass cage that is no larger than 15 by 15 inches and kept a bird in that. After her last bird died she saved the cage and...
  12. Nathan

    House cat or indoor rabbits?

    I'm extremely stuck for choices, my Foster parents have told me to adopt a cat because they are easier to care for, but I know full well that I will spend every day feel guilty if I have to feed them meat. I understand that they need meat because I researched their dietary needs in depth...
  13. Vegan Dogs

    Humans have no excuse when dogs and cats thrive as vegans.

    I went VEGAN after my dogs did. My dogs went vegan following my "female dog" getting stomac ulcers that medication was not said acidity reaction to meat/flesh causing the problem...flesh needs high acidity levels to digest it When I realised...what a fool I had been for years...
  14. liv

    Pet food

    Hi, I've been a vegetarian all of my life, and have recently started transitioning to veganism which isn't too hard diet wise but a little tricky since I'm still at school and I'm living with my parents who cook at lot with cheese, eggs etc. We have two cats and I'm having trouble with the...
  15. L

    Vegan natural alternative treatments for dogs and pets

    I've recently came across and used some new products called Ethos natural health. My dog has cataracts and they have really helped him so i thought i would spread the message, they do so many different products on there too.