Cecil the Lion hunter strikes again.

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Mar 1, 2016
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Cecil the lion hunter strikes again news doing the rounds...

What if...this person..is a flexitarian...who eats only 50 chicken size animals per year...1 per week...and kills 1 lion or other animal. 51 animals lives taken per 1 year.

Compared to ? someone who eats on average 100 chickens per year plus hundreds of prawns and marine small animals..and feeds a pet cat 240 bred and killed by humans rabbits per year ? well ? my cat btw is vegan fed...

Cecil the Lion hunter strikes again...1 life taken....pet cat fed 240 rabbits a year...no outrage.

Are we missing the point ? speciesm ?

I am vegan...i believe "animals are not ours to use" by breeding and killing them as our prisoners.

My prisoner pet cat of mine is fed vegan as are my prisoner pet dogs.


Are we missing the point ? speciesm ?

So ... let me try and help if possible...i offer simple options if people cannot explain the species and preferences in freehand replies.....

1. Non animal lovers...non pet owners...are not likely to value PETS highly but if any...respect and admire WILD ANIMALS the most and be funders of WWF type organisations ...not PET RESCUES of pet dogs and cats dumped rescues.

Non pet owners...are...imho...more "true vegans" than many vegans..they recognise that animals...non human ones...deserve to live FREE and do their own thing have their own families feed themselves etc without humans owning them and forcing castrations food homes leads etc on them

Non pet owners...recognise...that non human animals are just "toys" to entertain their human owners

Non pet owners...will respect wild life...then secondly farm animals...and place PET animals at the bottom of the list of importance as they would actually like to see the END of pet ownership and the ridiculous in their view of animals on leashes and in cages living unnatural prisoners of humans lives.

Many non pet owners dislike zoos for those same reasons.

So...the hierachy for

1. a non pet owner would be...

1. Wild animals
2. Farm animals
3. PETS not even a priority to them.

2. The PET OWNERS...will of course not be interested in WILD animals but spend all their funds on PET species animals they own...bllions are spent on toys food vet care for PET animals and none to the same degree offered to help WILD animals or FARM animals by PET owners.

The hierachy of pet owners would be...
1. PET animals
2. Wild Animals
3. Farm Animals.

Farm animals come lower down on the list of respect by pet owners....FArm animals to PET owners as well as WILD animals are just "fodder" to "use" for their pets meaning take the lives of forced to be bred and killed as babies farm animals...and any going extinct wild birds etc are irrelevant to pet owners who think walkies for their pet cats instead of living like farm animals they kill to feed their pet cats are essential for a pet cat but not the 19 adult size chickens in 1m2 wire cages killed age 6 weeks old.

3. The Farm Animal Owners....

will prioritise animals according to the financial value they have to them...so

1. Farm animals for a few weeks or months age for 98 percent of all farm animals when killed...are the first priority to shove antibiotics in them using 70 percent of the world antibiotics just to keep most alive until a few weeks old or few months old when killed.

20 percent of those who die before the 6 weeks old for chickens or a few months old for lambs and pigs...are still profitable as they end up in pet foods and earn billions of money from the most suffered farm animals.

2. PETS...if they keep any

3. Wild life...and actually animal farmers are responsible for the extinction of many wild animal species...the USA alone has the government kill 1 million wild animals like lynx and wolves to protect the only 1 percent of farm animals in the USA that are pasture raised.

So in fact...the caged indoor farm animals farmers keep cause LESS wild life killings than the pasture raised ones.

4. ZOOS and HUNTERS for sport.

These will prioritise the breeding even of lions and big cats for hunting sport.

Currently South Africa breeds 14 thousand lion species they force reproduce selectively and then earn money from having hunters come and shoot them.

This is half of ALL lions living in the wild ! there are only 23 thousand wild lions and 4 thousand wild tigers left in the world...in fact...let them go extinct as they nearly are is possible ...why not ? those who need them to hunt them or eat them....as some of those are sold as eating meat...are bred in captivity by lion animal farmers. They actually breed various wild life species for meat consumption and hunting entertainment. No need for zoos anywhere else is the reality when one accepts these farms produce far more lions etc than all the zoos in the world that do not release zoo animals to the wild again anyway as they are earners for the zoo business.

Zoos and hunters...are not interested in PETS or FARM ANIMALS except...that farm animals are bred to feed other farm animals so the priority hierachy is...

2. Farm Animals

Now for the SPECIES ....

PETS...although any species can be in reality a PET...some wild life species are banned from being legally owned pets...like ? lions tigers ...as too dangerous and large animals...some protectd nearly extinct species like Eagles also maybe. I am not sure of how many wild life species are protected against being OWNED by humans...

Dogd and Cats...to pet owners generally seem to be seen as not edible meat for humans or other animals...by some...but in reality there is no difference ...all are just animals...and many do eat dogs and cats faised on farms for meat just like pigs or chickens are.

If a PET owner lists their prefered animals...they would go....dogs, cats,....then the wild life fancy entertaining animals like...urang utangs...monkeys...elephants...lions...and last of all...farm animals...like rabbits...pigs...chickens...lambs....turkeys.

A pet owner tends to think the PET species dogs and cats are "more intelligent" and "useful" to humans as toys to keep for entertainment than other species of animals who actually per scientists are MORe intelligent than pet dogs and cats like pigs and even pigeons.

A Non Pet owner...would place...the "not dangerous" to humans wild life species top in their list ...leaving wolves and lions at the bottm of their list as not wanted near where they live....and PET dogs and cat species right at the bottom of the list.

Elephants...Urang Utangs...Monkeys...Whales....would come top of the Wild Life list...followed IF abroad by...maybe lions wolves but actually non pet owners recognise those species no longer have a place in any ecosystem and not suited to have living wild near humans in our 8 billion human populated planet.

Farm animals...would be listed according to which TASTE the best ...and PIGS and CHICKENS are those non pet lovers value the most ...but ..not their LIVES of course...non pet lovers...know farm species animals are frankenstein unnatural freaks just like pet species dogs and cats are...and so not really deserving a life unless of "use" for something to humans...like food.

ZOOS and HUNTERS would classify animals into what "use" they have to them to earn money...just like animal farmers would...

so ..?

ALL FARMED animals...lions...dogs...cats...elephants...chickens...have the same importance if they can be sold for FOOD use when killed or SPORT use when hunted.

PETS ? have no values except to businesses that breed animals for profit like PET BREEDERS so i just add them into the ZOOS HUNTERS ANIMAL FARMERS category.

In fact...one could say...looking at that analysis...that NO animal has ANY value to people unless they "get" something from the animal.

That "use" can be...companionship petting toy use for PET owners...or INCOME if an animal farmer or zoo or animal breeder of pets....or ENTERTAINMENT if a hunter or PET owner

In reality...HUNTERS of farmed animals bred to be killed for entertainment sport...are not so different to PET OWNERS...they see animals they own as entertainment ...use them to entertain themselves.

FARMERS simply produce what those wanting animals for either FOOD or ENTERTAINMENT and value the animals accoridng to profit.

The non pet owner...the "leave wild life alone" people...are actually imho the most ethical of all ...there is the most hope in the world if more people were anti animal ownership and "use" of animals for all those purposes...than in a mass of "pet lovers" and "zoo lovers" and "hunting lovers"

What would animals wish for if they could talk ?

1. to LIVE firstly ...all of them would choose that option

2. To live FREE of human controls over them

3. To have families of their own species

well...we are not going to consider all that are we lol...when we humans think and show that animals are things to "use" for various pleasures and uses we humans find for them !

All we humans seem to spend out time arguing about when talking of animals...is what "uses" people think others use animals for are in our personal opinions more or less right or wrong !

Do doggies get walkies enough ? if pets...but never mind about any walkies for the 19 adult size broiler chicken caged standards.

is that a white or golden lion for me to shoot and kill ? colour and size matters so produce what is needed.

Should urang utangs be saved more than the monkeys in the amazon going extinct and species not so trendy as not so "cute" looking for PR uses ?

What is MY view of those lists hey ?

well...i will give my view...

I do not think...saving a species from extinction like urang utangs or lions or tigers is as important as saving chickens lives.

i have very little patience or interest in the "save the whale" emotive hypes that people sinking their teeth into the leg of a roasted baby lamb whilst talking about this whale to save go on about.

Why bother about spending millions to save 1 stranded whale that people hunt and kill to eat anyway just like people kill and eat baby lambs or feed them to their preferred pet cat or dog ?

It makes no sense to me.

It is as Gary L Francione the creator of the 6 Principles of Abolitionist Veganism calls it..."moral schizophrenia"

To get emotive about a whale being killed or dying wanting to spend millions on saving one...or an urang utang...but killing a dozen fish to feed a pet cat or yourself...same difference....just more lives killed in the fish for pet food or human food action.

How many...animals per year...does the average animal eating human kill ? 100 approximately...if not counting the hundreds of sealife aimals like prawns and sardines etc

CHICKENS are the most bred and killed and eaten farm animal generally in the world.

So...a pet cat...outpeforms the number of animals bred and killed per year than 1 human in fact...if fed unhealthy for cats anyway frull of mercury plastics toxins open water fish...a cat will consume 1000s in 1 year...if a rabbit bred specifically for pet foods farm animal..240 per year.

So in reality...1 pet cat...causes the deaths of more animals per year than 1 meat eating human !

So what is the point ? of keeping pet cats if not fed vegan one should realise hey ! none at all.

A FLEXITARIAN saves more lives than a person keeping a pet cat and feeding them farm animals.

Intersting relevant points to consider.

USE of animals...is what determines their "value" to us is the conclusion...which has nothing to do with ETHICS of course as "use" of animals is not actually VEGAN of course ..."minimal harm" is what vegan is supposed to aim for...well i struggle to understand what is "vegan" meaning "minimal harm" when looking at "numbers of deaths deliberately caused by humans" in this sorry affair of "animals are ours to use" we just argue about our different views on what uses we all have different opinions about.

i mean put this hypothetical but possible scenario forwards...

A dentist from the USA who is a FLEXITARIAN so eats actually only say 50 animals the size of a rabbit or chicken per year...goes to hunt and shoot a LION ...whose skin then adorns his lounge...and the meat of the dead lion is sold as "lion meat" and eaten ...yes there are people who eat lions meat...in the USA as well as Africa.

So how many LIVES has this hunter dentist taken ? 51. in 1 year.

Compare that...to the number of LIVES a cat per owner takes....240 in 1 year of bred and killed by humans on rabbit farms rabbits...plus about 50 wild birds as roaming round wild with plenty energy to kill due to fed by human owner. We get to ? over 300 animals lives taken.

So who is morally more or less VEGAN ? the hunter flexitarian dentist who killed 51 animals in 1 year...or the alleged calling themselves a vegan cat owner...causing the deliberate due to human choices deaths of 300 animals in 1 year ?

Well if talking ETHICS...philosophy of veganism...ethical considerations...what is ethical about those 2 scenarios ? i judge...based on numbers of lives...the animals killed would also judge on that basis...so who wants to argue differently ?

Never mind Cecil the Lion rants ...that case shows...he is more ethical than people give credit for !

Here i show...that being "judgemental" and accusing others of "cruelty" and being more or less morally good than someone else ...is based on very unstable grounds hey...

I as a vegan cat owner...get a huge number of people who call themselves morally superior to me ranting that i am "cruel" for not killing 240 bunny rabbits a year to feed my vegan cat.

Yet i see those people...as animal abusers of course as i am vegan and do not believe or practise the "animals are ours to use by killing" ideas...i believe..."animals are NOT ours to use and kill"

I do not think too badly of the Cecil the Lion hunter either...based on the numbers of lives he took per year...he is no mass murderer at all...compared to a pet owner who feeds bred by humans baby chickens to their preferred superflous to wild life and any ecosystem pet cat.

It is dangerous...imho...to go around...accusing others of "cruelty" in fact...it is a far too easily bandied around personal accusation based on absolute twaddle and no bassis quantified or defined to do so.

One could accuse all those who themselves eat animals daily or weekly of "cruelty" but then they could say...ah but i groom my pet dog well and take her walkies often and she lives a life of luxury in my home so i am NOT cruel

Clean up your act is my suggestion...before ranting at others about them being "cruel" and i certainly do not jump on bandwagons to rant about the "cruelty" of killing 1 lion for sport when the people ranting are killing 1 chicken a week at least themselves !

That is all lol.


The Man Who Murdered Cecil the Lion Has Just Slaughtered Another Irreplaceable Animal

Walter Palmer murdered Cecil the lion, wounding the poor thing with an arrow and allowing him to suffer for 12 hours before authorities eventually found him and mercifully put him down. In doing this, he earned the title 'the most hated man on Earth.' He tried to step back from the public eye to save face and his business, a dentistry practice in Bloomington, Minnesota. But what he didn't do was stop killing animals. His most recent slaughter was that of a Mongolian argali, the largest sheep in the world that is not only treasured in its country, but dangerously close to extinction.

Sign the petition to demand that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service bar Palmer from bringing his gruesome trophy, the body of the poor sheep, into the United States!

In this case, the damage is done and the poor argali's life is lost. But by stopping this bloodthirsty hunter from being able to keep the spoils of his murder, the United States will send a strong message that Palmer's violence for sport will not be tolerated.

Palmer traveled almost 6,000 miles and paid more than 100,000 USD in order to play out his fantasy of killing. Once he got there, he used an arrow to bring down the huge, beautiful argali from only 30 yards away -- the same way he brought down poor Cecil. Afterwards, he posed with the animal's corpse and another hunter. Palmer and his hunting buddies knew how horrifying the murder was, and that the world would react in anguish and anger, which is why they tried to crop his face out of the shot.

According to friends, Palmer has a macabre list of his dream hunts, and this trip to Mongolia was one of them. Some kills that he has already crossed off his list are that of an elephant, a rhino, a leopard, and an illegally slaughtered black bear.

Walter Palmer does not regret his cruel actions, but he doesn't like the backlash he receives for them, which is why he tried to keep this argali murder out of the public eye. It is obviously not enough for the public to condemn his actions -- the U.S. government needs to tell Palmer, and all trophy hunters, that their disgusting pay-to-play killing is unacceptable.

Under Donald Trump, trophy hunters in the U.S. have only become more emboldened and enabled. After all, his own son, Donald Trump Jr., killed the exact same type of sheep in Mongolia just last year. This needs to end. Sign the petition and demand that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service deny Walter Palmer's request to import the corpse of a murdered argali, what he would call a trophy, into the country!

Photo from Facebook. Walter Palmer is on the left.
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I mean...he has only killed 1 animal.

For which he paid a great deal of money.

Maybe the meat of the animal weill be sold to be eaten.

Does it matter that the species is going extinct ? well ? so many species are gone extinct...going extinct...due to animal agriculture...we do not kick up a fuss about every non trendy monkey or animal that is killed of a going extinct species....

We know...or should know...animal agriculture is the leading cause of species extinction as deforestation taking of habitats of wild life is driven 80 percent by animal agriculture uses of land.

We know or should know...pet food constitutes 30 percent of all animal protein consumed so contributes hugely as scientists have reported to environmental destruction wild life exctinction and climate change besides causing the deaths per year of at last specially bred for pet food 300 million bunny rabbits just to mention one species of farm animal that goes into non vegan cat food....

So ? who is the ethically worse ? the dentist killing 1 animal or the superfluous pet cat owner feeding 240 bunny rabbits bred and killed by humans to the 1 pet cat ?
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Actually the commentary criticising this Cecil the Lion hunter mentions this much used word..."cruelty"...now...if people think killing animals is "cruel" i just wonder...why that is never mentioned by those ranting about people needing to feed their pet cats killed by humans farm animals ? well ? never once...in all these years..will these people mention the word "cruelty" in relation to mentioning the animals they promote the killing of !

It is as if "meat grows on trees" when it comes to pet cat food lol...people never mention the killing of animals they are "forcing to die being cruelty"
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I'm amazed that this disgusting person is still in business. He had to temporally close his dental practise when he murdered Cecil the lion.

There were many petitions and crowds flocking outside his office demanding that patients boycott his business. It looks like he's still around practising his favourite gruesome hobby.


Actually the commentary criticising this Cecil the Lion hunter mentions this much used word..."cruelty"...now...if people think killing animals is "cruel" i just wonder...why that is never mentioned by those ranting about people needing to feed their pet cats killed by humans farm animals ? well ? never once...in all these years..will these people mention the word "cruelty" in relation to mentioning the animals they promote the killing of !

It is as if "meat grows on trees" when it comes to pet cat food lol...people never mention the killing of animals they are "forcing to die being cruelty"

Companies are starting to take notice. I just looked over at Chewy.com and saw a variety of Vegan pet food and treats.



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