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Jul 2, 2017
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How could such an organisation be set up?
Idea for an organisation.

An organisation that sells animal-free herbal Chinese medicine and other alternative medicines, vegan food, drinks, soaps, books, activism supplies and gifts to raise money to set up sanctuaries, educate people on veganism and also on conservation and why it’s wrong to use animal products in Chinese medicine and other products, how these animals are worth more alive than dead and need to be respected and cherished as an essential part of the culture of China, the cultures of the world, the creation of the god/s and/or goddess/es, and (for wild animals) an essential part of fighting climate change, which affects people too, and (for farmed animals) why stopping the exploitation, cruelty and slaughter of them is essential to fighting climate change. The organisation could also fund animal-free research into curing cancer and other illnesses.