1. R

    “Animal lovers” and vegan posts

    Hello, Why do “animal lovers” report images of and posts about animal cruelty when they are shared by vegans and activists? I can understand reporting images and posts that promote animal cruelty (hunting pics, etc), but why report images and posts shared by vegans and animal rights activists...
  2. Cuddle Buddies

    Hi everyone! Glad to join the forum

    Hi everyone! It's a pleasure to join your community :heart_eyes: My name is Gregor. I'm an animal enthusiast and the creator of an animal YouTube media called Cuddle Buddies. I'm so glad that I've found this community, as I can share content with people who share the same values and get...
  3. R

    Veganism and thyroid

    Hi, A few weeks ago (before we went to Lanzarote - we came back Thursday, to hazard a guess), it was revealed after a blood test that I have an underactive thyroid, if I’m right. I’m on new medication for this, I have to take it an hour before eating in the morning. Anyhow, I went to the...