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  1. R

    “Animal lovers” and vegan posts

    Hello, Why do “animal lovers” report images of and posts about animal cruelty when they are shared by vegans and activists? I can understand reporting images and posts that promote animal cruelty (hunting pics, etc), but why report images and posts shared by vegans and animal rights activists...
  2. S

    6 days into veganism

    Hi all, I'm new here, thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Steve, 28 from Hertfordshire, UK. Ive been vegan for 6 days now after having countless discussions with various friends. I already feel lighter and healthier. Turning vegan has not only made me feel healthier, but it has relit my love...
  3. J

    Accounts to follow

    Hi all, I have joined Instagram for Vegan inspiration. There are a few accounts I follow that I think are brilliant. For instance ‘veganbanter’ is hilarious. Can you recommend your favourite vegan related IG account please. Thanks,
  4. E

    UK Research Dissertation - Animal Welfare & Social Media

    Hi, I am a postgraduate student at Goldsmiths, University of London. As part of my course I am conducting research into the political efficacy of social media as a promotional tool in regards to animal-welfare causes. I have been looking through recent forum posts and thought I would reach out...
  5. Second Summer

    Online Friends

    More: Your Internet Friends Are Real (March 3, 2015) Is the divide between online and real-life friendships getting smaller? Are they really equal? Has Facebook made online friendships more mainstream? And if so, how? Is part of the reason the use of real names instead of nicknames? Something...
  6. Second Summer

    Reasons why Facebook is evil

    They use your name and avatar to sell products. ("Look, your friend Joe Bob Dinkelwink is a fan of this product! Along with Jesus Kristensen, Random Arbitrary and 50371 others!") They bombard you with advertisements. ("Join Smoked Meats Forum today and get an awesome surprise!") They connect you...
  7. Second Summer


    I've been wanting to get into / understand Twitter a bit better. What sort of interface do you use for it? Do you tend to use some client on your computer? If so, which? Or simply your web browser? Or do you stick to smartphone apps, and if so, which? And then hash tags: If you wanted to...