1. R

    “Animal lovers” and vegan posts

    Hello, Why do “animal lovers” report images of and posts about animal cruelty when they are shared by vegans and activists? I can understand reporting images and posts that promote animal cruelty (hunting pics, etc), but why report images and posts shared by vegans and animal rights activists...
  2. R

    Is Facebook activism effective?

    Hello 👋, I have just been involved in an upsetting conversation on Facebook with a member of a group against the dog and cat meat trades about the consumption of other animals (cattle, pigs, etc). I have a lot of upset from and about my posts and conversations on Facebook. I’m thinking of...
  3. Second Summer

    Frustration with Facebook users

    Or: Why are FB users so clueless? Lately, I've been interacting a bit more with people in FB groups. However, it's frustrating. Some have abandoned basic rules about punctuation, some forget to include crucial bits of information in their posts, even when prodded to provide said info. Which...
  4. O

    Media Please like this vegan Facebook page!

    https://m.facebook.com/Strawberrythevegan/?notif_t=fbpage_fan_invite&notif_id=1468698008544725&ref=m_notif It's the page of my dad's girlfriend's sister and has a lot of good, original vegan content! Please like it so she can continue the page! :)
  5. VeganForum

    Maintenance 5/2

    Greetings! We're moving servers on the 6th (this Friday at 9 am GMT) this means our DNS records are going to change which depending on your ISP could take a few hours to propagate which also means the site is going to be down for a short amount of time, you'll receive a message when you try to...
  6. Second Summer

    Reasons why Facebook is evil

    They use your name and avatar to sell products. ("Look, your friend Joe Bob Dinkelwink is a fan of this product! Along with Jesus Kristensen, Random Arbitrary and 50371 others!") They bombard you with advertisements. ("Join Smoked Meats Forum today and get an awesome surprise!") They connect you...