Service VeggieBeers an app for veggies and vegans

John Crossley

Mar 20, 2016
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Veggies and vegans, and those who love to drink beer...

I have just finished developing an android application called VeggieBeers, that lets you check a drink and see if it's suitable for your veggie/vegan and soon to be celiac diet.

I currently have around 29k+ drinks so it's very useful, I think! Anyways, i'm looking for any feedback to help make it better, positive or negative!

It's currently only available for android but if you get a chance to install, please do! and let me know what you think

I should probably mention that it's also free :)

Some screens: [](
I'm not a beer drinker, but I downloaded your app and it looks like a great resource for those who are, very well done. I did have one problem, I got stuck on the 'Did you know page' when I first opened the app, because the Get Started button was hidden at the bottom of my screen and I couldn't scroll down. I was still able to get to the main screen by opening and closing though :) Nice work.

I've shared a link to your app on my Twitter page, hope that's okay!