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Gal E

Apr 14, 2018
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Hello friends, fellow animal lover/vegan for over 5 years here!

I am in the process of finalizing and finishing up a new ‘Social App’ I am creating, called ‘V Social’.

The app is tailored specifically for like-minded vegans and vegetarians.

I am currently in the stage where I need future users of the app (you) to test the app and come back with your feedback, comments and ideas. (These comments and ideas will be taken into consideration and help perfect the app according to your experience with it)

If you are interested in becoming an early tester and a massive influence on the direction the app will take and what it will become, please go over to the app’s landing page at: and join the mailing list (click the ‘Count me in’ button).

I truly appreciate the help and hope we can make this app the new Veg Hub, for all to be a part of J


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