1. Daniel2022

    What struggles do you face with your plant-based diet?

    Hello everyone! After much deliberation, I've finally decided try the plant-based lifestyle. The decision has been an exciting one and somewhat overwhelming. It has also inspired me to perform a research project for class to determine some common struggles new pescatarians/vegetarians/vegans...
  2. dv25

    A new vegan focused app Kickstarter Campaign

    Hello there! I’d like to introduce everyone to a brand new platform named VegTable - a vegan and vegetarian takeout and dine-in app. We plan to go live in the coming months of...
  3. R

    Service Vegan App being developed! Apply here.

    I am currently developing an app to help increase visibility of vegan/vegetarian restaurants and catering services in your local area. Anyone is free to fill out the questionnaire below to see if you fit the user type I am looking to test. Make sure to put your email in the form so I can reach...
  4. D

    App for whole-food, plant-based recipes

    Hi! I am trying to improve my already plant-based diet (and mostly whole-food) for a number of reasons. I do not have enough time to plan all the meals for each week so I am looking for an app (ideally). It must contain whole-food, plant-based recipes (I do not want a vegan cookbook...) and it...
  5. P

    Question Help a vegan student out!

    Hellooo, My name is Pearse and I am a final year Interaction Design Student. I am designing an app to help people transition to veganism as part of my final year project. If you could take a couple of minutes out of your day to fill out this survey it would really help a fellow vegan out! Thank...
  6. vegow

    New Vegan App

    Hi, I am CTO of a small company that introduced a new vegan app called vegow and a newbie to the forum. Problem behind the app is, can vegan picking be made easier? Solution behind the app is random pick may be the best way for Vegan. App has more bells and whistles and intelligence on top of...
  7. L

    Media Fridge app

    If you’ve ever gone shopping, and didn’t get the milk because you thought you had some at home, this app is for YOU! Peach Pantry is a food app that puts your fridge in your pocket. It’s currently free, I just wanted to share this with my fellow food lovers. Enjoy!
  8. L

    Product My fellow foodie, i have good news

    The First Version of Undercooked is here! First I want to thank you for trying out the product in advance. This is not a finished product and I will be working to improve it, but I need your help...
  9. K

    Survey Creating Dietary Restriction App

    Hey everyone! I am working on a thesis project for graduate school. My creation is going to be a dietary restriction app. This can range from vegetarian to gluten free to vegan to nut allergy, etc. If you have a dietary restriction, (since I am posting on this forum, it is very likely lol)...
  10. W

    How to load HappyCow app on BB OS 10 (or use Vegetarious)

    Hi all, I recently purchased a BlackBerry Q10 - I know, people still buy BlackBerrys! - and I really wanted to be able to use the app for as it is really useful when you are on the go. Before I begin what will be a long post, it is worth me noting that there is another useful...
  11. Spang

    Pokémon GO

    Anyone else playing?
  12. J

    Service VeggieBeers an app for veggies and vegans

    Hii, Veggies and vegans, and those who love to drink beer... I have just finished developing an android application called VeggieBeers, that lets you check a drink and see if it's suitable for your veggie/vegan and soon to be celiac diet. I currently have around 29k+ drinks so it's very...