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    Media Fridge app

    If you’ve ever gone shopping, and didn’t get the milk because you thought you had some at home, this app is for YOU! Peach Pantry is a food app that puts your fridge in your pocket. It’s currently free, I just wanted to share this with my fellow food lovers. Enjoy!
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    Product My fellow foodie, i have good news

    The First Version of Undercooked is here! First I want to thank you for trying out the product in advance. This is not a finished product and I will be working to improve it, but I need your help...
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    Survey Creating Dietary Restriction App

    Hey everyone! I am working on a thesis project for graduate school. My creation is going to be a dietary restriction app. This can range from vegetarian to gluten free to vegan to nut allergy, etc. If you have a dietary restriction, (since I am posting on this forum, it is very likely lol)...
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    How to load HappyCow app on BB OS 10 (or use Vegetarious)

    Hi all, I recently purchased a BlackBerry Q10 - I know, people still buy BlackBerrys! - and I really wanted to be able to use the app for as it is really useful when you are on the go. Before I begin what will be a long post, it is worth me noting that there is another useful...
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    Service VeggieBeers an app for veggies and vegans

    Hii, Veggies and vegans, and those who love to drink beer... I have just finished developing an android application called VeggieBeers, that lets you check a drink and see if it's suitable for your veggie/vegan and soon to be celiac diet. I currently have around 29k+ drinks so it's very...