A new vegan focused app Kickstarter Campaign


May 3, 2021
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  1. Flexitarian
Hello there! I’d like to introduce everyone to a brand new platform named VegTable - a vegan and vegetarian takeout and dine-in app.

We plan to go live in the coming months of 2021 by setting up our company in Maryland, U.S. The company is represented by the VegTable App which displays a wide range of Vegan and Vegetarian restaurants around the DMV area. Helping individuals locate restaurants and discover new local plant-based foods is one of our main goals along with promoting healthy eating habits. Using the app, a user can either choose to book a table at a restaurant or proceed with a pick-up for the order you’ve placed.
We plan to expand while helping the local community contribute to our project. Our next step is to have a cloud kitchen which would provide an opportunity for vegan or vegetarian ‘home chefs’ to create and sell their products to the world outside. VegTable aims to provide the space and resources that are essential to the community for making their dreams come true and we are truly excited for the world to try new recipes brought by our team of local restaurants and people who love to cook.
We are currently raising money on Kickstarter to get the final phases of our project set up.
We are a big community and even a dollar would make a difference for us to bring the platform live to everyone. Your support is greatly appreciated