1. dv25

    A new vegan focused app Kickstarter Campaign

    Hello there! I’d like to introduce everyone to a brand new platform named VegTable - a vegan and vegetarian takeout and dine-in app. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2125206897/vegtable-a-new-platform-for-vegan-and-vegetarian-takeout/description We plan to go live in the coming months of...
  2. K

    Product New vegan product needs your support

    Hello, we have just launched Pop Zest on Kickstarter (see link below). Pop Zest is a a vegan line of flavored nutritional yeast seasonings. We blend nutritional yeast with yummy herbs, spices & nuts to create 3 distinct flavor profiles...Artisan Cheese, Olive Oil & Herb and Butter that you can...