1. Pim

    Finding vegan wine

    Do you drink vegan wine, as a vegan?
  2. T

    Vegan spirits and alcoholic drinks ?

    Hallo guys I'm Thomas, I'm new to the community. I have a question regarding alcohol. I would love to know more about vegan spirits and alcoholic beverages. What types of alcohol is 100% vegan? I we read online that the most common non-vegan ingredients in alcohol are isinglass, made from the...
  3. shyvas

    What's Your Favourite Tipple?

    A margarita with lots of salt on the rim of the glass.:grinning:
  4. TofuRobot

    "fair trade" leather?

    Hi all - Newbie here. I was "pescatarian" for 27 years when one day, at the age of 25, and having been raised on the traditional American diet full of animal products of all kinds, I stopped eating all animals that walk on land. Then August of last 2017 - I finally decided to be vegan. To be...
  5. B

    The alcoholic vegan?

    Well.....this may come across not entirely health-focused, though I wanted to share. I do like my alcoholic drinks a few times a week. Surely intake much more than I need to, lets just say that. 3-4 beers + two fingers of whiskey (knob creek....gotta love it). Well since I went vegan I found...
  6. S

    Vegan drunk food?

    I've been vegan for about a month and have had no difficulty so far with transitioning, EXCEPT, because it's that time of year again I have been a bit drunk twice in the past month and both times have eaten foods with milk in them while drunk and felt wholly unable to stop myself although I have...
  7. J

    Service VeggieBeers an app for veggies and vegans

    Hii, Veggies and vegans, and those who love to drink beer... I have just finished developing an android application called VeggieBeers, that lets you check a drink and see if it's suitable for your veggie/vegan and soon to be celiac diet. I currently have around 29k+ drinks so it's very...
  8. W

    Yuletide food: our plans

    Dear all, Firstly let me begin by saying festive wishes to all and that this thread, by no means, is an attempt to ostracise those who do not celebrate Christmas. Myself, I am not Christian. I'm not really anything. All faiths welcome. I thought I'd start a thread for both non-vegans and...
  9. Second Summer

    High percentage of drunk vegetarians eat meat

    More: Vegetarians secretly aren't that vegetarian (8 October 2015)