Yuletide food: our plans



Dear all,

Firstly let me begin by saying festive wishes to all and that this thread, by no means, is an attempt to ostracise those who do not celebrate Christmas. Myself, I am not Christian. I'm not really anything. All faiths welcome.

I thought I'd start a thread for both non-vegans and also vegans who might not have planned their culinary delights for this year's Yuletide. This could be a really useful resource. Please share what you mean to cook, your recipes, or what you mean to buy. We could use this thread to display the plentiful, yummy options available this festive season for all those choosing a kinder diet.

So, I'll begin. Last year a discovered the most wonderful Italian woman in London (I'm in the UK), called Sara, who bakes and cooks all the Italian classics... vegan! Have you been missing panettone, pandoro and so much more? She does delivery via her etsy shop here. I was texting her just today and she informs me she is baking non-stop like a little Christmas elf!

I discovered this recipe for a Walnut & Spiced Plum Christmas Cob which also looks incredible. I hope mine turns out as good! (I'll let you know.)

Last year I made a wine and chestnut pie for the main meal. Following in that tradition, this year I'll be going for a pie of wild mushroom and ale with vegan yorkshire puddings, breadsauce, and all the trimmings. When you roll out the pastry, add fresh parsley first then roll. You can thank me later. ;) And Heston B. puts celeriac in his breadsauce - it's awesome. I've also eyed a recipe for a vegan chocolate pear torte for dessert. For comfort in a cup, I like to get my mittens around some Whittard Orange Hot Chocolate.

For many, this time of the year is a time to get boozy, but not all alcoholic drinks are vegan. You can check here. If you're in the UK, this is a particularly useful website to buy from.

Please do share your festive vegan food plans here. I hope you all have a wonderful time! :)