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When going to the grocery store, which of these options best describes you:

  • I go to the grocery store having a general idea of what I want to buy before I go in.

  • I go to the grocery store with a grocery list and some of the items I buy correspond to recipes

  • I go to the grocery store with a preplanned list of ingredients that all correspond to recipes

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Apr 11, 2018
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  1. Vegan
Hi everyone!

I have been working on an Android app for the past few months, which aims to solve a common problem I have had as a vegan who enjoys cooking a variety of recipes. Please note that I am still a beginner with Android programming.


One of the difficulties that I have had with switching to a vegan diet, was planning my meals so that they are delicious and varied in flavour. Vegan cooking often requires many ingredients (and it should to be as healthy as possible!). This can get complicated, especially when at the grocery store. I am someone who loves to use all the great vegan cookbooks out there, in addition to the online recipes people have generously uploaded.

Adding up all the ingredients you might want to buy for a week can be tiresome, and as someone with limited time on my hands, I prefer to limit my time in the grocery store as much as possible - such as by making one or two weeks' worth of food. In addition, I am limited in fridge space, and so being efficient in what I buy is important - especially if you live with roommates or others (and we all know how full the fridge can get being vegan with heaps of delicious vegetables).

A solution

While online and cookbook recipes can be great, they often contain only the measuring tbsp/cup volumes in the actual recipes themselves. This can be a hassle to estimate or calculate when you go to the grocery store. To confront this issue, the app I have enabled the ability to input your tbsp/tsp/cup measurements for grocery items, and then subsequently get the ingredients’ gram weights. When you have created a shopping list with your favourite recipes, you’ll get a final list that adds up all of the ingredients' weight together, so you know exactly how much of each ingredient you need to buy. You can also sort different lists however you choose, so that you can switch up what you eat each week.

Another common annoyance can be adjusting the recipe size to fit for a larger party (families), and so I have also added the feature of being able to multiply your recipe by a factor you think is suitable based upon the original serving size.

TLDR: This app aims to make your grocery shopping easier by doing all the ingredient math for you. It can also be solely used as a volume to weight converter. This is also a really useful app for meal prepping.

As mentioned when I began this post, I have only been programming for a few months and so while the barebones features are already in the app, if others find it useful I will continue to keep adding useful features to this app, while also making the UI look nicer.

Currently the app is free, but with some advertisements. I will soon be uploading a paid ad free version, and I am considering including some additional features for supporters.

I'd really appreciate any feedback the community as, so that I can make this more useful for everyone.

Please send feedback, any help requests etc to

I'd really like to setup a poll here as well to find out who would actually find this app to be useful.

For some reason the app is not visible in the PlayStore app right now, but it is online at:
Before going to the shopping or before doing purchase through online first all the list must be taken that which all products are needed to for the household, those essential items be the first preference in my list. Thank you