Supper/Dinner Time! What's on the menu ?

I use semolina.
Oh really? I might try that. I used to like semolina as a pudding when I was young.

I soaked the chopped and peeled potatoes in cold salted water beforehand as I saw that on IG/YT. Then dried them off with paper towels and sprayed them with olive oil and cornflour. They were very nice and took a lot quicker to roast. :yum
we had Gardein Chkn Tenders on rice with steamed brussel sprouts on the side - in the rice I put raisins, fennel seeds, garlic powder, dry chives, turmeric, paprika and made a bit of lemon juice/Colman's mustard for the brussel sprouts

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last night I made a quick'ish bean veggie soup - can of pinto beans, parsnip, carrots, onions, celery, zucchini, 1/2 can whole tomatoes, garlic, potatoes - lots of spice and served it with a w/w pita - I like soup...

edit: oops forgot that we had Sour Cherry Perogies for dessert.... fruit perogies, never bought them before - we had just 3 each with a tiny bit of butter and sugar - they were good however next time I would saute/fry them in said butter for just a few minutes before eating

Emma JC
Find your vegan soulmate or just a friend.
I forgot I bought these. I might try them tomorrow.

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I made those many years ago, my kids were kids! I soaked in hot water, squeezed as much as possible, dredged in seasoned cornstarch and fried. I think thats all. Everyone loved them, but some did have some issue with getting soft in the middle.
I'd so it again, but don't deep fry anything anymore. They were super cheap then
I'm craving onion rings badly enough to change my mind :laughing:
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