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Aug 23, 2016
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Hello friends,

Before I went vegan, I was depressed, had an eating disorder and mild anxiety. Now, 2 years of veganism later, I have never been happier and am rarely anxious. I noticed this huge change in mental health so I decided to create an experiment to study whether there is actually a correlation between mental health and diet.

What I need from you guys is data! If you could take my anonymous, 36 question quiz it will help me so so much! And by taking the quiz, you are contributing crucial knowledge to the scientific world.

The quiz asks straightforward questions and it should take no more than 10 minutes to complete :) I need people of all ages' input so don't exclude yourself because you think you aren't able to take it!

If everyone who sees this thread were to take my quiz I would be done collecting responses in a week, so everyone please help me and take it!!!!!

Here is the link:

Thank you all so much!
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Aug 23, 2016
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American grammar? 'Gotten'? Eek!
Ahaha yeah I'm sorry :) it's kind of a habit and I don't notice I'm doing it when I use words like that. Thank you for taking it though!!!!

Paul Gammage

No. What made you think that 'I'm taking it'? I'm not. I love my language.
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