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Feb 1, 2017
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Hello everyone ! Let me start by telling you that i have enormous respect for your lifestyle/diet choise, so much in fact that i decided to open a vegan-store online. So far i have a lot of great ideas for it.
One thing i wanted to ask you all. I'm wondering: what are some very asked-for/popular non-eatable products? My mother and sister are both vegans and so far they've told me alot about seeds and even cloths that are vegan - is popular. But i need something that is not ... digestable
Thank you all :D
toiletries - it takes online research to find out which shampoo, toothpaste etc are vegan, so it can be better to buy these online at a vegan only place in some cases
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Genious !

I didn't know there was animalistic products in any toiletries. Thanks alot and you're ofcourse welcome to suggest more ! :blush: