1. A

    US I'm beginner vegetarian.

    Hello, I think to be vegetarian. I ask you for help. I like cooking, it's such a hobby. In addition, I like delicious dishes (probably like all of us). But I have a problem, it's a problem of finding recipes for vegetarians. Have you also encountered such a problem as finding the right dish...
  2. Gaspard

    Spiritual vegetarian, rational vegan

    I was vegetarian at birth, because so were my parents. But I started to eat meat when my father decided to breed sheep (and killed them to feed us). Then during an existential crisis, I became vegetarian. I didn’t want to have my soul eaten. I had the impression that invisible beings were...
  3. Second Summer

    Judge: Vegetarians can't be victims of discrimination

    More: (13. Sept. 2019)
  4. Queen of Strawberries

    2 major breakthroughs with my (non-vegan)parents!!!

    Please don't bash me for not being Vegan yet BUT TODAY MY PARENTS SAID THEY WOULD LET ME GO VEGETARIAN!!! I used to have an eating disorder so my parents are being SUPER cautious about letting me take foods out of my diet (which I understand). they also told me when I first brought Veganism up...
  5. W

    Hi i'm thinking of becoming vegan. any advice?

    Yeah I'm a vegetarian (have been for a year now yay!) and I'm thinking of going vegan. I'm a pretty sloppy eater (chips and chocolate are my best friends) so I'm also trying to eat healthier. I have a nut allergy so suggestions for nutritional alternatives would help a LOT. I've been a little...
  6. K

    Product Are you confused about where to start?

    Are you interested in being a vegan or vegetarian? Want to know more about living a plant-based lifestyle? Interested in organic/natural foods and products? Like the idea of products that are chemical/toxin free? Do you have absolutely no idea where to start? Then, NourishBox is perfect for...
  7. C

    Vegan cafe questionaire for project report

    Hello, I was wondering if you could spare around 5 minutes of your time to complete my questionnaire. It is to support my project report for my Business Investigation Level 5 module. The questionnaire can be found here: The research will focus on...
  8. T

    Support system advice?

    Hey, 15 year15-year-old(almost 16) female, and I am trying to become a pescovegetarian but I am not having the support I need. My mother has been a vegetarian for 10 years but stopped about 5 years ago since she got pregnant with my sister. My mom's not that big or meet eater, but sadly I am. I...
  9. L

    I could use some advice

    Hello everyone ! Let me start by telling you that i have enormous respect for your lifestyle/diet choise, so much in fact that i decided to open a vegan-store online. So far i have a lot of great ideas for it. One thing i wanted to ask you all. I'm wondering: what are some very asked-for/popular...
  10. M

    Service Free email course for veggie cooking

    Hi everyone, Hope you are all good! I have created a free email course for veggie cooking. I would love it if you tested it for me and let me know what you think - and if you have any comments! Click here to sign up Thanks - and enjoy your food!
  11. Damo

    Truly vegan...

    Hi all, Older members of the forum will know that we used to have a Vegetarian subsection onsite. As the forum grew we decided to be rid of it, in order to dedicate the site fully to veganism. When we deleted the vegetarian subsection we migrated the threads to other part of the forum. Since...