Were you a meat lover and successfully transitioned to vegetarianism

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Jun 22, 2017
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  1. Omnivore
Hey, 15 year15-year-old(almost 16) female, and I am trying to become a pescovegetarian but I am not having the support I need. My mother has been a vegetarian for 10 years but stopped about 5 years ago since she got pregnant with my sister. My mom's not that big or meet eater, but sadly I am. I am highly aware how horrible meats are, how they affect your weight and cholesterol levels. I want to become one so badly for the sake of losing weight and having a healthier lifestyle. But I just have the temporary mindset, my mom keeps making food with meat and I have a huge appetite and I get hungry easily because I have a fast metabolism. I dont feel like I can get full off a salad only. and my mom basically says "no everyone can be a vegetarian, espicially you" but i really from the bottom of my heart want to be one, I just keep relapsing back and I really dont want to. has any current vegeterian or vegan have had this problem? what are some advice you can give me, also receipes. I love hearing transition stories and how people have become healthier but for some reason I feel like I am doing something wrong. Are there any previous meat-lovers who have become pescovegetarian?

I think the reason why some people experience not enough motivation to follow through and stay committed is a lack of commitment to the end goal. If your goal is simply health oriented, it can be hard to stick with it, because it is just a diet thing. Meaning the same reason someone relapses on a regular health kick and goes back to junk food, would be why you;d relapse too. You need to inform yourself on all of the branches that explain why veganism is a must. Environment, health and cruelty to animals. If you can get yourself attached to the true values of veganism, then the switch is easier and much more likely to be permanent. As long as it is only for health reasons, you'll struggle to stay committed.

Watch documentaries on animal cruelty, on the health aspect and on the environmental aspect. Then see if you're more in the flow of cultivating new values surrounding animals and eating them. This is likely to create a better chance of success for you.

- scott
Wishing you all the best in your decisions and I would suggest watching What the Health which is now available on Netflix and you can probably also find it on YouTube. It may help to clarify the "pesco" thoughts.

Salad is not the only vegan or vegetarian food. It is definitely important to have greens and vegetables - starches in the form of beans, legumes, grains, rice, potatoes are also important as they will fill you up, give your brain the needed glucose and satisfy you mom likely too. Fruits too - bananas, berries....

Good luck! Emma JC