Hi i'm thinking of becoming vegan. any advice?


Feb 22, 2018
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Wonderland (just kidding, the UK!)
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Yeah I'm a vegetarian (have been for a year now yay!) and I'm thinking of going vegan. I'm a pretty sloppy eater (chips and chocolate are my best friends) so I'm also trying to eat healthier. I have a nut allergy so suggestions for nutritional alternatives would help a LOT. I've been a little bit on the vegan society website but it seems a little daunting. I have no idea how to get started

Maybe a top 5 dos and don'ts would be ok? Or some easy recipes to get me started! (Sorry I'm just so excited) Tell me anything! :blush::blush:
Hiii! I am new to being vegan just a few weeks in but I am loving it beyond belief. It doesn't feel restrictive whatsoever, it feels liberating. Right now we have Green Chef and get 3 meals a week which have all been fabulous. I also have fallen in love with gardein Their crispy tenders and mandarin chicken are so yummy! I usually have a bagel with hummus avocado and allll the veggies in the fridge for breakfast, a giant salad with homemade dressing for lunch throw on some roasted chickpeas or seeds, different types of greens, fruit, tomatoes, avocado...anything I have on hand...then for dinner we have the Green chef delivery which last night was Greek stuffed bell peppers...other things on the menu are chili, roasted pepper alfredo linguine. When it comes to what to eat the possibilities are endless. I just try to have veggies already chopped I can throw on sandwiches, wraps, or salads. And a fully stocked fridge and pantry keeps me motivated and excited. Good luck on your journey!