1. The Master Of Design

    Instagram Exchange (Find New Friends)

    Y'ALL! It's been a while. I would love to get connected to more beautiful souls from here! I live in Bali and my interests are mostly in spiritual practices like yoga, meditation, manifestations... (Although my Instagram pictures would rarely show this, I do write inspiring captions)...
  2. D

    UK Vegan Dissertation Research-Help needed!

    Hi everyone, I am a third year Sports and Nutrition for Health student at Liverpool John Moores University in Liverpool looking to get some general insight into the lifestyle of dietary vegans. For my dissertation, I am doing 'A comparative study into the relationship between self-reported...
  3. 0

    Support us please

    Hi we are a team of vegans want to do an association of vegetarians in Morocco . So if you want to help us buy this shirt or other stuff for vegetarians in this site And Thank you .
  4. W

    Hi i'm thinking of becoming vegan. any advice?

    Yeah I'm a vegetarian (have been for a year now yay!) and I'm thinking of going vegan. I'm a pretty sloppy eater (chips and chocolate are my best friends) so I'm also trying to eat healthier. I have a nut allergy so suggestions for nutritional alternatives would help a LOT. I've been a little...
  5. Second Summer

    Vegans vs vegetarians - horizontal hostility

    More: Can't vegans and vegetarians just get along? What do you think, are vegans, vegetarians and meat reducers all "fellow travellers"? Should we all embrace the "reducetarian" identity? (Why?) Are we less effective in ending factory-farming because we're not more united? Do vegans really...
  6. TheVeganEdition

    Media Inspirational Vegans

    Hi everyone, If you are transitioning to going vegan, thinking about going vegan or even already vegan you might be interested in checking out some of our interviews with some vegans in all different walks of life. our latest interview with actor Gregg Lowe is really inspiring and interesting...
  7. Second Summer

    Psychology Vegetarian diet now considered normal, veganism still effeminate

    More: Men who don't eat meat, eggs or dairy are 'viewed as effeminate' (30. November, 2015)