Hello From Canada! Could use some advice..


Jul 25, 2016
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Hey everyone!
I just started a youtube channel trying out all these Vegan/Vegetarian Pinterest recipes that claim to be easy/healthy....as I'm no way near a chef...really wanted to put them to the test.

My worry is that because its vegan/vegetarian, I wouldn't have enough subscribers/successful or people wouldn't be interested...I get a lot of joy making the videos but to have friend say they aren't interested watching them makes me sad

Any tips? Ideas? I don't want to bother people by asking them to watch my channel but I could really use some advice/help to get my videos out there...


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Same here. I am a Canadian of Indian descent. I came here recently and all my videos attract Indian views (which is good, but all of them are Vegetarians to start with), but not much Canadian views. I am looking to collaborate with a Canadian person to see if a Canadian voice and face would improve my chances. Some people make tens of thousands of dollars on YouTube. It is a very competitive space. Good luck.