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Aug 4, 2020
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Los Angeles
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Hi everybody, I've been doing a bulking diet for a few weeks as part of my workout routine. It's the first time doing this since becoming vegan a couple years ago. I've been making high calorie shakes as a way to hit my numbers which are about 3100 calories a day.

Does anyone have experience with doing this? I'm using pea protein and I was using dextrose powder as a way to hit my number of carbs, however I've been overheating very easily throughout the day, having gas and nasty bowel movements (not solid) and I think this is all due to the massive amounts of dextrose I've been intaking.

Has anyone else done a bulking diet with shakes and have any good advice and/or recipes as to how to do it and feel healthy while doing it?
I would suggest contacting (or watching) Brian Turner and Derek Simnett (Simnett Nutrition) on youtube.

Emma JC
Rob simplifies food prep . . .

Robert Cheeke has a good boook "Plant Base Muscle", he eats a lot of sweet potato and bananas. Eat whole food M8!

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