Being vegetarian is making me unhealthy?


Sep 12, 2018
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So I've been vegetarian for 4 years now, and everything was going fine for a while. After a year of being vegetarian though, I just noticed a downfall from there to now. I got really bad eczema on my right hand (never had it before), my anxiety increased, I'm more tired and lazy, and I'm hungrier than I used to be 24/7 which doesn't help with the vegetarian positive of keeping a slimmer figure as I fulfill it with nothing but sugar. And my hair grows slower. I've been contemplating if I should simply go back to eating meat as I haven't noticed any plus effecting my life. It may be a lack of proper nutrients causing all this, but my body refuses to take pills and I can't eat gummies (braces). Protein shakes are an option, but expensive from what I see. I'm really stuck at the moment and have no clue on what to do. If anybody has any reccomendations that will help me, I'll greatly appreciate it!
It would help to know what you're eating. You might not be eating enough. Dairy causes my son to break out so cut that out if you're eating it. The eczema could also be from a contact rash of something new you're using.
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It would help to know what you're eating. You might not be eating enough. Dairy causes my son to break out so cut that out if you're eating it. The eczema could also be from a contact rash of something new you're using.
I'm eating meat supplements now, basically veggie patties, nuggets, corndogs, etc. Plus frozen vegetables and anything else that I didn't already eat before becoming vegetarian.
It could be the meat substitutes. They are highly processed and could be making you break out. Try a more whole foods plant based diet.
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May I just ask, to clarify, are you vegan? or vegetarian? now.

I agree with Amber, we do have some meat substitutes limited to once a week or twice at the most. Whole foods much better for you and much tastier with good spices.

Emma JC
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Everything you're describing aside from the eczema are symptoms of eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia. I am not saying that you do have an ED, but you're obviously not eating enough. If you are hungry all the time, tired/lazy, your hair won't grow, anxious, and slim it sounds like you're on the verge of starving yourself.

So the problem is likely the amount or kinds of food you're eating, not vegetarianism or veganism itself (which is it? are you eating a lot of dairy? or are you over-reliant on these processed meat substitutes?)

Vegan "meats" are fine, but they should not be the main staple of your diet. I go through phases where I will eat a lot of tofurky sandwich slices or veggie hot dogs or Gardein fishless filets/crispy tenders but ultimately I kind of start to get grossed out by it if I eat it every single day. My body let's me know, hey, we like this once or twice a week, or maybe even for an entire week once a month (or every two months) because it has a lot of calories, fat and protein, and it tastes good...but then this kind of "blah" feeling sets in if I overindulge in it. It stops tasting as good, it starts tasting noticeably processed to me if I eat it too often.

The good news is that beans and plain tofu are much cheaper. I was browsing the market today and noticed that in California a large block of locally made, extra firm tofu is about 2.50 and for just two Beyond Burgers I would pay 7.50! Gardein wasn't much cheaper, clocking in at 5.99 for two, maybe three servings. So the tofu is definitely more affordable. Beans are even cheaper, you can make a whole pot of beans or lentils with garlic, onions, peppers, and/or spices for even less per serving than the tofu. Sometimes when I make a lot of lentils I freeze them, already seasoned with taco spices and onion, or curry sauce, or tomato/basil and just thaw in the refrigerator for at least one day, then reheat and serve. Beans and lentils can save your wallet, as well as saving your time, and being better for your health than processed foods.

I also hope you're eating some fresh fruits and vegetables. Do you ever eat things like oatmeal, peanut butter, or hummus? Some variety in your diet would also help you get the nutrients you need.

As it stands, it sounds like you need nutrients right now. I advise you to get a multi-vitamin to correct what's been happening in the past four years, and to start eating more calories of whole foods right away. Good luck.
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When I went vegan from vegetarian I lost about two stone over a year and a half, nice consistent loss, nothing too rapid, but continual. I feel so much better, now it's been about three years and I still feel better and better. I have more energy, partly from being lighter, but also happier. Rather than eating meat, I'd recommend giving up the dairy.

My friend told me an excellent treatment for eczema. Take four avocado stones. Boil them in the same amount of water to boil an egg. So enough water to cover one egg in small saucepan. When they are soft, take them out and use the cooled water on your eczema. Really works. But you need the stones to water ratio to get the strength needed.

I'm looking into iodine. That is lacking in our diets it appears and is related to energy. Nascent iodine is best as far as I can see, but am still researching it.
When I became vegetarian I ate a lot more dairy without really realising it. I am so much healthier as a vegan, not to mention happier and lighter.
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